Largely, I think, due to my move and the efforts in becoming acquainted with new material to teach, I have been more focused on teaching lately than in the past few years.

While at my previous university, I had prepared plenty and was known for my interesting and unusual methods of teaching.  Still, most of the preparation had taken place over the past few years, rather than over a single semester.  I am adapting old material and creating new material and it is both fun and tiring.

Recently, I had one of my worst classes ever, and it is partly a result of the planning I now find myself busy with.  I had spent some time looking at material to use to discuss families.  When I finished, I went to class and taught a great twenty minutes of the stuff I had just prepared – to the wrong class.

Thus I refute Odysseus

My friend, the Port Coquitlam Odysseus, and some people at the BBC, feel that E-book readers, like the Kindle, will never replace paper books.  The main reason they give, as befits what a simple, Colonial-type Canadian thinks of the BBC, is highbrow:  When reading a book, it is difficult to add annotations and marginalia to an E-book version.

“Oh, I’m at the BBC.  I’m reading important books. I sometimes disagree with the author and feel compelled to make such known to… myself by writing in the margins.”

Here is my refutation (I don’t see any special reason to embiggen these pics, but you can, if you wish, by clicking on them):

A Kipling fan in the making

I grew up on the Jungle Book, Kim, Captains Courageous, and the like.  I wasn’t such a fan of Disney’s Jungle Book movie, but did enjoy sharing it with my son.

When my son saw this tiger, at Nampodong, Busan, his first words were, “Sher Khan!”  I was so proud.

It would be cool if I could teach him to cry out, “Khan!” but that’s a different tradition.

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