6 Pro Tips for Cycling in Seoul

Cycling is one of the most rewarding ways for you to enjoy Korea!

The Korean government invested a tremendous amount of money in cycle routes and infrastructure. Using these bike-paths are safe ways to explore and exercise.

The entire Riverside Bike Trail system stretches over 1,757 kilometers along the Hangang, Geumgang, Yeongsangang, and Nakdonggang Rivers. There are awesome scenic views and attractions along the paths, cheap places to eat and even plenty of campgrounds. Just Google “4 Rivers Trails” and a ton of information will magically appear. We recommend with a Seoul adventure along portions of the Han River Trail.

Bike Riding in Busan

I saw a thread about this posted a bit back but I thought it was time for a new one. Anyway, anyone interested in riding bicycles on the weekend? I have a road bike and am sick of riding the same roads alone. Ideally, I'm wondering if there is anything like a foreigner bike community in Busan but really, more than anything, if you just want to go for a bike ride on a Saturday or Sunday (during the day), post on this thread or private message me. Thanks.

Biking in Gyeongju, the Best Way to Spend Korean Memorial Day

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve gotten super busy with social media marketing ever since my new post at Aclipse as International Marketing Assistant. Check out my blog posts here, and follow me on twitter at @arieldrosen for more Korea updates!

Anyway, Thursday was Korean Memorial Day, so everyone got off work! My friends and I decided to travel to Gyeongju to ride bikes and check out some historical sites. Gyeongju was the capital of Silla, an ancient Korean dynasty, (57 BC – 935 AD). There is also an amusement park there! But we’re saving that for another trip. It takes about an hour and half to drive there from Busan, but the drive was beautiful so no worries. Ok, here come the photos!

Go ride a bike.


A Seoul Spring on the Han

Something about being near water is simply relaxing. When the weather finally agrees to reward Seoul, Korea with a mild and sunny day after a brutally long winter people tend to flock to the Han River. Here are 10 ways to enjoy the river in the coming months.



photo credit: my cool friend James

1) Banpo Bridge

Railbikin' It in Samcheok

Not many would know what to do with a set of abandoned railroad tracks, useless mountain tunnels, and a stretch of coastal scenery.  Yet, the folks in Samcheok, a city located on the eastern coast of Korea, found themselves with these seemingly purposeless components and turned them into a clever tourist destination.  Leave it to the Koreans to create something from nothing.  

The Samcheok Ocean Railbike offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful vistas of Korea's eastern shoreline and the East Sea (or, to the rest of the world, The Sea of Japan).  My friend Marie and I were scheduled to take a ride on the railbikes while filming "Railroads" for Arirang TV's "Top 10 Korea" last month.

It's Not in the Basement of the Alamo!

Today was a practically perfect day!

I got to play hostess to my awesome friend Ahnna on her trip down to Busan.
I bought some new perfume.
Had a great lunch with Ahnna, did a bit of window shopping.  

Oh yeah, and I bought a bike!

I bought a bike and I biked all over my neighborhood and even to the beach. 

Isn't she cute?

I feel like PeeWee I love her so much!

ice bike

a lame edit to see how the hero hd pro camera looks online (hoping to use it more once it gets warmer)

Around Korea in 5 days- Day 1 Busan 부산 to Samcheok 삼척

I had done twelve day trips by motorcycle in Korea. As the end of the riding season approached I decided to do one last trip. This time I would try to go all the way around Korea. My goal was to do it in five days and for fewer than 400,000 won. I estimated it would be around 1,600 kms. I would budget 80,000 won for each day. I left Monday September 21th. I was headed up the east coast of South Korea. I was crashing on a friends couch during that time. I got up early that morning and headed out on the road. I made a wrong turn in Busan, making me head back into town. I got things straightened out and I hoped that this would not be indicative of the trip. Finally by 10:30am, Busan was fading away behind me.

Canada trip- Victoria, BC

Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Vancouver to Victoria in Canada. I spent over twelve years living in Victoria. On my time back there I realized how lucky I was to have spent the time that I did there. I still have so many good friends there. This video I decided to edit to a good friend’s music. I hope you enjoy. By the end of the day I have compiled 2-4 hours of footage on two cameras. I then cut that footage into the five minute video you see here. The video features music by James Kasper.

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