A Bumble bee collecting pollen.

A Bumble bee collecting pollen.

Pollen is a plant protein, it’s a bit like the meat or milk we eat. So bees use lots of it to feed their babies (larva). Bee larvae are like our babies – they are growing very quickly, so they need lots of protein to help them.



Street photography is all about capturing the moment. A street portrait artist at the PIFF Square (Busan). It is quite amazing and at the same time moving to think that this artist will never again make the same stroke with his pencil-not even for once. 

Stones in the Riverside

Stones in the Riverside

this stones in riverside, located in wolgot, siheung city, gyeonggi do

Funny Carousels

September sky in Busan

Busan Zoo


Friendship of peoples

How was it

Beautiful Korean Tradition

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