After a great concert and long night out, I spent the day on the...

After a great concert and long night out, I spent the day on the sand and in the water at Haeundae Beach yesterday. I really enjoyed the good conversation while laying out in the sun. I laughed so hard my stomach and face hurt.

Ended the night with an impromptu BBQ on the rooftop of one of the Bora SkyView apartment complexes. Beautiful view. I wish I had brought my camera. And a flashlight. Cooking steak and hamburgers in the dark is more challenging than you would initially think.

Destination: Chuam Beach / Chuam Sculpture Park (Donghae, Gangwon-do)

Author's note: trying a slightly different style with this 'Destination' post - feedback appreciated in the comments or by personal e-mail - chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

Destination: Jumunjin Beach (Gangneung, Gangwon-do)

Not far from the northern border, Jumunjin Beach could be considered one of many beaches along Korea's east coast. As the peak season hasn't yet started I'll refrain from predicting its future popularity, but a Sunday afternoon in mid-June left more than enough beach for the Lady in Red and I.

Haeundae Beach to ward off whites

Haeundae Beach to ward off whites

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