Destination: Sokcho Beach (Sokcho, Gangwon-do)

Sometimes, arriving at 2am is perfect.

After catching a late-night bus from Seoul to Sokcho, Kiwi and I arrived at what felt like a late hour – until we saw more lights and neon than some areas of Seoul. The jovial beach area – combined with some younger vacationers – meant the place was surprisingly active long after the sun went down. The standard Western carnival games were around – everything from the classic basketball toss to BB gun shooting – and were pretty popular.


Sister Visits Busan

Note: This guest post was written by my sister, Crystal, who visited Busan with her husband, Nick, back in March 2011. We thank her for her contribution to Soju Cocktail and for visiting way over here.

BOOOM! My friends from the Philippines were in town for about 5...

BOOOM! My friends from the Philippines were in town for about 5 days, so being a nice person I accommodated them and took them around Busan. Honestly, I haven’t been taking pictures so I was a bit rusty. I was uninspired to say the least.

On a hot sunny day in Busan, I decided to take them to Haeundae beach to cool off. For anybody planning to visit Haeundae beach this summer. I’m going to warn you right now! Haeundae beach is NOT busy and the water IS clean. I hope you can read between the lines.

Derrynane Beach, June 2 2011

I went to the Haeundae Sand Festival (해운대모래축제), which was...

I went to the Haeundae Sand Festival (해운대모래축제), which was Friday, June 3 to Monday, June 6. I found the international sand sculpting exhibition pretty lackluster. Apparently there was an air show as well? I’ve never been to a sand festival before, but I expected more from Busan’s (possibly Korea’s?) most popular beach.

geoje camping

things started foggy at the beach.

but we kept ourselves entertained by breaking firewood with big rocks, a.k.a. “practice rocking.”

folks kept wandering through our campsite to fish while holding infants. seems like a good time for a portable play pen or something.

Body Surfer

Swimming around Haeundae Beach. Probably for the last time this...

Swimming around Haeundae Beach. Probably for the last time this year, as it is getting chilly fast around here!

Haeundae Beach

Korea’s most famous beach, Haeundae has been noted for its impressive beauty for more than a thousand years. It is easy to understand why when you see that great curve of land meeting the ocean. And it is also easy to understand why this natural setting draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to its sea and sand.

Destination: Wonpyeong Beach / Bigeumdo (Shihan country, Jeollanam-do)

To put it mildly, Wonpyeong Beach (원평해수욕장) is off the beaten path. Bigeum-do is 54.5 kilometers (about 34 miles) from the mainland of Dae Han Min Guk. Of the 827 islands that dot the shores of Shinan county in Jeollanam-do, Bigeum-do is the seventh-largest. It hearkens back to a time before foreigners taught English in Korea and the locals viewed foreign tourists as curiosities. If you've ever needed that 'far off island getaway' during your stay in Korea - but had to be back to work on Monday - this may be the place.

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