Haeundae Beach - Sand Castles - From a Kite

Haeundae Beach - Sand Castles - From a Kite

I took this photo from a camera suspended from a kite line, it was during the big sandcastle event in Haeundae.  You can see a group of people working to create a structure in the middle.

September at the Beach

Venturing outside of Bangkok, I took a long bus and boat ride to...

Venturing outside of Bangkok, I took a long bus and boat ride to Had Yao beach, Koh Phangan (for 600 Baht). The full moon party is long over and the beaches are sparse with bodies during low season. The beach is gorgeous with soft, white sand and inviting warm water.

I begin my mornings enjoying Thai coffee, which I’ve come to enjoy, and fried curry with shrimp. Time in a hammock reading Lonely Planet has become a favorite pastime. I enjoy feeding local strays chicken and pork from my curry, from extra spoons at my table.

Going to take a ferry and bus back to Bangkok for 950 baht. I’m running short on money and my camera battery is dead, but I’m confident that my trip is not being hindered in any way.

Love. xx



This is one of my favourite shots from my Cheseok break in Jeju. A friend of mine decided to get some late night splashing around in before our night on the beach. The tide did come in to catch his fall!

I don't want to get wet!

I don't want to get wet!

Boy at beach

Sitting on Songjeong

In the spirit of summer (or rather, the recent end thereof), I thought I would share one of my favorite discoveries from this too quickly gone by summer season: Songjeong Beach, tucked up on Busan's eastern coast in the Haeundae area. Remember how I barely updated at all this summer? Yeah, I was here.

Good morning Viet Nam

Just a quick thought on this hot evening in Viet Nam while the whole country is celebrating their National Independence day from France, we just returned from the Central Highlands where it was cold and rainy. We drove scooters over 300 km (I drove my own, my first time driving in over a year and first time ever on a motorbike, I did pretty damn good if I do say so) and it was a beautiful drive through lush, green jungle. I love this country and love traveling slowly through it. Soon we will head away from the beach to Saigon, then cross into Cambodia through the Mekong Delta. SE Asia is my heaven.

Lifeguard on the go! 안녕하세요!

Need a repair or new pair?

Tres Marias

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