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I had no problem hopping a plane from Boston to Korea in the middle of February to teach English in Korea. I love New England, but I have never been a fan of winter. I was born to swim and I live for summers at the beach, as short as they may be. As summer made it’s way to Korea I admit I was a bit homesick for NH beaches and my favorite summer spot, Martha’s Vineyard. I quickly reached out to my friends in Busan from Chungdahm Training and planned a beach weekend. Little did I know, the weekend happened to also be the Busan Sand Festival. Traveling to Busan was simple – I left my apartment early on Saturday morning and made my way into Seoul on the subway and then caught a KTX train to Busan. I was dipping my toes in the water by early afternoon and spent the rest of the day and evening at the beach catching up with friends and swimming as much as possible.

Beach Rock | Haeundae/Busan, South Korea

Some shaky handheld video from Haeundae Beach last weekend. Try it full-screen.






My Second Home in Korea – Jumunjin, Gangwon-do

I’ve been coming to Jumunjin in Gangwon-do as long as I’ve known Herself. She’s a local, but she hasn’t lived here since she finished highschool and moved to Seoul to go to university. Not long after we started hanging out together she sneaked me down here and we hung out at the beach in between the time she would spend with her family. It wasn’t long before we started to make regular trips here and these trips increased in frequency once I was formally introduced to her parents. Now I’d almost say I’m a local here. I don’t think too many of the real locals feel that way.

Haeundae’s Sand Festival

Songdo Beach and Amnan Park

Some Quiet Solititude

Spent part of the day today at the beach.  I can’t seem to find the name of it.  It’s a very quiet spot offering some rare solitude.  All I could hear were the waves and some guy playing the saxophone down the way somewhere.  Some nice cafes have opened recently nearby.  Dong… something… I think it’s called.


What I See When I Look at Korea

This past Sunday I took a walk exploring the southern tip of my peninsular neighborhood.  And it wasn't until I got home and looked at the pictures I took that I realized that a lot of them were examples of what I think of when I think of Korea, or how I see Korea. 

I love the older Korean homes.  When so much of Busan's population live in apartments, it's always a nice sight to see a bunch of older homes that have yet to be torn down and replaced by some big apartment complex.  There's also something so very Korean about the hodgepodge of houses and the tangle of wires that makes Korea's neighborhoods so fun to explore. 

Let's Go Fly a Kite

This past weekend at Dadaepo beach, Busan held a kite festival.  I love Dadaepo, it's one of my favorite beaches in Busan.  First of all it's huge, and rarely busy, or at least it never seems busy because of its size.  Also it's pretty far south so a bit off the radar for most people and a really great place to go camping (we went camping twice on Dadaepo, and I hope to go again this year). 

An Irish Summer

During the summer I took a lot of photographs, especially when we went out to the coast. The fact that it really was a beautiful summer in Ireland this year made taking pictures all the more enjoyable.
These pictures are probably the pic of the bunch. Organised in chronological order they show the beautiful Derrynane Bay in Kerry where I spent many’s a summer with my family, Brittas Bay where I also spent many summers in my grandmother’s mobile home, and also around my grandfathers house just outside of Waterville in Kerr also.

The scenery in Kerry is some of the finest in Ireland, and some would argue, the most spectacular in the world.

Haeundae Beach - A Real Sand Castle - From a Kite

Haeundae Beach - A Real Sand Castle - From a Kite

I took this photo from a camera suspended from a kite line, it was during the big sandcastle event in Haeundae.  

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