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Baskin Robbins Korea~ Pink Pirate Ship Lego Kit for Children’s Day

So the month of May marks Children’s Day in South Korea! Since the holiday is all about children, many places here have special children’s day items~  yearly I look forward to the goodies Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts Korea put out because they are usually extra cute!

Baskin Robbins Korea Summer + Olympic Spirit!

Korea gets very excited (like everyone else) for the Olympics, and now that spirit has carried over to the forever yummy + cute~ Baskin Robbins Korea chins!

This month they rolled out a new “Korea Fighting” Cake featuring a swimmer, no doubt inspired by the beloved Park Tae-hwan who won Korea’s first medals in swimming ever with a gold and a silver.

Baskin Robbins Korea Flavor of the month~ My Lemon Tree!

Summer is in full swing, so Baskin Robbins Korea has decided to come up with a delicious summer flavor for everyone to enjoy, “My Lemon Tree

Dino Party Lego Gift at Baskin Robbins

Hopefully some of you remember my big post about the special flavor Baskin Robbins Korea had in May, Dino Party!  If you do not, you can check out the full article about the cakes and creamy green apple flavor with tiny dino gummies mixed in right HERE

Baskin Robbins- Dino Party

This month Baskin Robbins Korea has released a very fun monthly flavor called “Dino Jelly” that received a bit more love vs others, they threw a whole “Dino Party” to celebrate it!

This new flavor is adorable, and the perfect way to kick off the warm weather that JUST started here in Seoul last week!

Baskin Robbins Lego Playsets!

For the month of Feb you had a choice between these two special and very adorable Baskin Robbins Korea Lego playsets when you spent over $20!!

First choice was your own little Baskin Robbins shop!  Note the “Shooting Star” flavor poster on the wall, that is a very iconic flavor here in Korea with this chain♥ Also, the little Lego girl has on one of the BR Korea Uniform Variations. So cute!

Nomming on Pretty Baskin Robbins Cake!

To celebrate ♥ our engagement ♥ Nara brought over a cake the other day from Baskin Robbins Korea!

We had been wanting to try this one for a while! Gah it is so cute!!

4 Leaf Clover II ♥  네잎클로버 II

Price: 25,000원

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