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ISC Research Paper: U.S. Government Shutdown

Recently, the US federal government shutdown has made a great splash in international news. And while the shutdown was ended by a last minute deal between the Republicans and Democrats on October 16th, this issue is not resolved and hasn’t just been postponed to January 15th 2014. At that time, the same issues are likely to arise again as the Republicans attempt to re-open debate on Obama’s Affordable Care Act and larger fiscal issues.

This research paper explains the background of the shutdown, its domestic and international impacts and what’s next for the U.S. government.

Download the PDF here.


America’s Decline

You might not believe this, but the first summer I was home from college I still thought I wanted to be president, and had spent two semesters studying history, with the eventual goal of following the cursus honorum to the very top, going to a good law school, practicing for a few years, and eventually running for increasingly important political offices. The first step was to study history at a decent liberal arts college, and I had taken it; the second was to intern in a law office, and I took that, as well.

Christopher Kang Appointed as Senior Counsel to President Obama

Back in 2009 we highlighted some of the Korean Americans making an influence on President Barack Obama‘s administration; Christopher Kang, whose Korean name is Kang Jin-Young, was one of these remarkable people. He was a part of Obama’s legislative affairs staff, but the Korean Herald recently shared that, as of last week, Kang is now senior counsel to Obama for legislative affairs.

Obama officially appoints Sung Kim as ambassador to S. Korea

With President Barack Obama‘s announcement on Friday appointing Sung Kim the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Kim now only awaits confirmation from the Senate, Yonhap News reports.

Slick Willy gets the girls again

Another one done, come join the party

Change we can believe in?

Change we can believe in?

Was Obama checking out that girl's back yard?

Oh, Alabama.

And so it begins

Oh, Alabama.

Obama spares Russia his Middle East brown nosing

Oh, Alabama.

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

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