Frozen Banana Peanut Pudding

So I didn’t think it was fair to list Peanut Flour as one of my favourites without really offering a recipe. If you read last week’s post,  you’ll know what I’m talking about.

PeanutFlour (33 of 36)

Of course, peanut flour is delicious on its own with just water, but if you want something even better- this is a quick, simple and tasty recipe to try.

Makgeolli Cocktail File – The Banana Makeoccinno

Introducing….the Makgeolli Cocktail Files!!

We love experimenting with all the different ways to enjoy makgeolli, so each week we are going to come up with a mak cocktail experiment and share our…ehem…research :)

The idea for this cocktail came out of nowhere last year, and we were really surprised at how great it turned out. So well in fact, that we have made it many times since! The trick is to freeze the banana, and have really strong coffee on hand.

Banana Makeoccino

Chocolate Mint Thick Fudge Pudding

*My next post will be from after my Thailand vacation- look forward to something Thai inspired by the end of this week!*

This is a recipe I enjoyed a lot this summer. It was a great one to cook up then package for  a meal at work._MG_0967

Going Bananas over Bananas

My parents-in-law like to buy A LOT of bananas, although no one in the house likes to eat them. It drives me crazy!

Last week, they brought home bunches of bananas enough to feed a barrel of hungry monkeys. I don’t like wasting food, but how could my husband and I eat all those bananas before they turn rotten?

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