Q: So you are aware that your next ebook, Kingdoms In The Sun, due to be released in a few days, will be completely ignored by every single person currently drawing breath?

A: That’s right. I’ll be doing naked cartwheels in the street if more than five people pay for it.

Q: Are you serious?

A: Yes. I’ll make my wife take pictures and then I’ll post them here with my wang and my ass blurred out. I might have to do the posting from jail…on my phone. I should mention that I live above a street that is rather crowded all day long.

Q: But why do you persist in publishing ebooks when everyone knows you obviously have no talent or aptitude of any kind?

A: I don’t know, it beats jerking off to myself in the mirror.

Q: And you couldn’t even find someone to interview you, so you had to resort to interviewing yourself.

Reading List: The Works of Alexander Chee

Korean American Alexander Chee is an out writer whose works have appeared in gay publications  such as Out Magazine and the Advocate. He has written essays, novels, poetry, and a novel and his newest novel The Queen of the Night is currently being edited.

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