enseoulment:Does it even matter how I format my resume for teaching jobs in Korea?  I mean, yeah,...


Does it even matter how I format my resume for teaching jobs in Korea?  I mean, yeah, keep it neat and concise, but do I have to stress over whether to put my education before or after my work experience?

Education and certifications listed first. Make it simple for employers to see that you can obtain a work visa (with a Bachelor’s degree) and if you might ask for more money (because of the certifications).

Can the questions be of a sexual nature?

No. Also, I usually don’t respond if you’re anonymous.

Ask (not quite anything) here.

Hi! :) I was wondering how much the tickets cost for Dream Concert?


I'm planning to watch it this coming May.. I've seen your blog about Dream Concert 2013 and I really want to experience it too.


Hi! To answer your question, there are different levels of tickets. I bought VVIP (which is on the ground floor, but a bit further from the stage) for $200 USD in 2013.

What do you recommend packing for a first teacher living a year in S.K? What clothes, etc?

First of all, I recommend bringing at least $1000 USD of spending cash for the first month. Pack toiletries as if you were going on vacation, just so you have enough until you are fully settled into your apartment.

Between Costco, Gmarket, iHerb, and foreign marts, I’ve found that most things can be purchased here -especially if you’re willing to pay more. I believe in the old adage that if Koreans can live without it their whole lives, you can probably live without it for a year, but I’ll still humor your question with an educated response.

Bedding: I have never wasted precious luggage space this way, but friends swear by packing their favorite fleece blankets, jersey sheets, or fitted/flat sheets. All these items can be extremely difficult to find in Korea.

Birth control: If you prefer a certain brand of condoms or pills, stock up in your home country and bring them over.

Wait you look part asian. Are you mixed?! Inconcievable! ;)

My mother is Korean and my father is half Mexican. My parents are both American, but raised abroad. I really benefited from my father also being a child of mixed race.

My parents divorced when I was 16 years old. Now, my mother lives in Korea and my father lives in the US. I am truly a person of multiple cultures, languages, and countries.

Are u Korean American? I love ur big smile. Adorable ~ :D

Yes. And, thanks!

Also, is there just one Anonymous running rampant asking questions and making funny comments? I wish people would leave some sort of tag so we could distinguish Anonymous A from Anonymous B. Could y’all create some sort of unique anonymous moniker for yourself? Or does that defeat the purpose? :-/

omg, i read the date you had with the guy...

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on that post (including almost 2,000 views on Koreabridge, wow!). Yeah, it’s a ridiculous story, but it’s also nice to know that people are reading my writing. It encourages me to finally write a book this year. Maybe no one will read it, but I still want to write it!

Also, I hope everyone realizes that I don’t think that one person can be representative of an entire country, culture, etc. The date with Potato Head was ridiculous, but I have not been frightened away from any future dates with Korean men.

where are some of your favorite places in seoul?

I actually haven’t been to many places in Seoul! I usually go to have dinner or dance with friends or family. If you’re reading this, please suggest places for me to visit in Seoul (or Korea!) and I’ll make an effort to make it happen this year.

Da Tag Game.



 (Tagged by alex-in-wonderland♥)

1. Where in the world is your favorite place to be?

New places. Could be a new place to shop or new place to eat. Doesn’t have to be far away; anything new to explore is my favorite place to be.

2. What have you done in your life that you are you most proud of?

Completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Supported by friends and family, but I earned those degrees by myself. Hardest things I’ve ever done, but I learned so much (academically and about myself). No one can take my education away from me.

Stacy! Your blog is so awesome, brings back fond memories of Asia.

Thank you, Jena! I miss and love you so much. I will always cherish our times in Korea, of course I can never forget Hong Kong, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our correspondence since we parted ways. I love your new blog, Rise and Roam —full of amazing travel-oriented posts!

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