귀여워 X かわいい ♥ Korea x Japan International Exchange!!

Have you checked out my sister blog Rainbowholic on the side bar before? You should!  Kaila is an amazingly fun girl from the Philippines currently living in Japan and sharing her adventures with the internet, and yes~ they are extremely cute!  Recently we decided to do a sort of “International Kawaii Exchange” of cute items from each of our countries ♥

귀여워 X かわいい Exchange!

Enakei: Cute Artist, Brand, & Haul!

Today I would like to share with you the adorable Korean accessory brand Enakei! For girls who like very feminine pieces with a cute twist!

Seoul Handmade Fair @ Coex Mall

Time for another expo at Coex Mall in Korea!  Coex has several expo halls and every weekend a new event comes in so I try to keep an eye out for the interesting ones because it is a nice thing to do on Sunday date sometimes ♥ This July they had an event called the “Handmade Fair” and after checking out the events facebook page I knew I wanted to attend because it was all sorts of crafty cuteness~ etsy style fun!

Pretty Graffiti of Hapjeong

The Hapjeong is an awesome artsy quiet area area just one stop before busy Hongdae. This area has a unique feeling and some amazing small shops for people with more colorful tastes in fashion plus a slew of cozy cafes! Adding to the setting of Hapjeong is streets and corners painted with amazing graffiti which is actually starting to outshine the work found at Hongdae.

♥ ♥ ♥

Little Prince Illustrated by Kim Min Ji

This week while I was hanging around the bookstore I came across an amazing table of beautifully illustrated classic children’s stories!! Red Haired Ann, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Little Prince 어린왕자 ~ Of course!! Oh Korea, you always show Little Prince so much love~ Lets take a look at some of the illustrations in the book♥

Dino Party Lego Gift at Baskin Robbins

Hopefully some of you remember my big post about the special flavor Baskin Robbins Korea had in May, Dino Party!  If you do not, you can check out the full article about the cakes and creamy green apple flavor with tiny dino gummies mixed in right HERE

Pretty Graffiti of Hongdae

The Graffiti in Korea is an interesting mix usually of American (seems like west-coast) urban graffiti from the 90′s, pop art, and a twist of cute+ crude humor that is distinctly Korean.  Hongdae is known for its graffiti which is scattered around the area and sprawls out to large murals covering whole building sides with beautiful detail usually in a whimsical, yet urban style.

♥ ♥ ♥

Seoul Living Design Fair “Last Beauty” Mock Funeral

Early this year Korea held its annual Seoul Living Design Fair which I attended and blogged about right HERE a while back. One display in the sea of modern furniture and art deserved its own post though, and that was the installation work of Lee Sang-ill titled “Last Beauty” which was an amazing view of his dream funeral.

The Pink and Blue Project by Jeon Mee Yoon

Today I have a very interesting fine artist from Korea to feature~  Jeon Mee Yoon and her “Pink and Blue Project“.

♥ Click images for larger size ♥

Seoul Modern Art Show

So Nara and I got gifted some VIP tickets to the Seoul Modern Art Show last month~  Since we love art and YO ACCESS TO VIP ROOM♥ we decided to stop by and check out the show since I am on the hunt for fun Korean Artists to share.

♥ ♥ ENTER! ♥ ♥

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