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All Foreingers Go Home

I picked Jim up just down the road from the apartment which had been his home for the past four or five years. He was standing on the corner dressed in black with the hood of his jacket pulled over his head as he paced up and down beside his suitcase and the few plastic bags holding his last few odds and ends. Loading these into the back of the car we drove back to my place and Jim settled into the spare room. Later on we walked down to the nearest Family Mart and bought a few beers. Back home, we settled in for the night.

I first met Jim over four years ago. We had similar interests but as people we were quite different. At time Jim reminded me a little more of my brother, especially in terms of these interests, but they are also quite different. We first met when we were going to the same open mike together to read out poems and then Jim joined the short-lived Drunken Writers Guild, a writing group that I and my friend Jeremy Toombs started.

Review: Seoul Encyclopedia Show

Author's note: a version of this article appears in September 2010's printed edition of the Groove. All photos below are my own, and may differ from the printed article.

"I want to sweatf*ck your talisman," goes one saucy line. Mere minutes later, we watched an animation of a innocuous-looking balloon beating the crap out of a little kid. Not long after that, a guy covered in black and white plant began laboriously lifting rocks via a contraption involving strings and carabiners. Not only did the audience react positively, they enthusiastically applauded all three acts.

What the talisman is going on here?

Interview: Raul Pizarro

A version of this article appeared in the July 2010 issue of Groove Magazine. All photos are of original works by Raul Pizarro.

"Crossing to" by Raul Pizarro.

There are times when Korea surprises me with its diversity. As elsewhere, you have to look to find it - but it's there, whether you realize it or not. I recently had tea during a sweltering summer day with Raul Pizarro, a Chilean painter opening his first solo exhibit this month.

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