Granny Sketch | Busan, South Korea

Korea Grandmother Sketch in Busan



\\\\Venus & Hui Ung////

::::featured artist:::sarah elminshawi::::

a. favorite art material- Acrylics, India ink/Calligraphy ink, and really good quality watercolor paper.


{{{{August is special!}}}}

found here

So today is the day!

I am 27!!

Here is a playlist I made ^^

Dadaepo Beach Sculpture | Busan, South Korea

Art Sculpture at Dadaepo Beach in Busan


Day Trippin': Heyri Art Village

Less than an hour's drive north of Seoul sits an enchanting community of artists. Envisioned and created by a well known book publisher, Heyri Art Village is now home to over 370 painters, potters, photographers, musicians, architects, and writers. Not only does its proximity to Seoul make it a great day trip option, but its unique ambiance and ability to converge the old with the new in a natural environment make it a memorable destination.

One would never guess that North Korea lay just three and a half miles from this peaceful village nestled near the border city of Paju. Its eye-catching buildings and beautifully manicured landscapes are a stark contrast to the barbed wire that outlines the stretch of highway visitors must travel to reach the village. The journey there is a bit bone chilling, but upon arriving in picturesque Heyri, one can only feel warmth and excitement.

Damyang Bamboo Museum

After I ventured through the bamboo forest I decided it would be best to cool off in a museum. However the bamboo museum, 담양 대나무 박물관was located a bit out of town so I took a taxi instead of walking over there. In fact I was comfortable getting around the area via taxi and it was fun getting to know local people this way, along with using some Korean.

Filling the Negative Space in Cambodia

A new exhibit organized by REAKSMEY Yean is up at Equinox Bar/Culture Space now thru August. A review in the Phnom Penh Post is here.

Mixed Media Reflections on heroism
By Chantha Kong and Tim Robertson

We are interested in Heroism – both the public perception and the less tangible impact on broader society – to explore this we chose to portray 11 well-known Cambodians who inspire us.

We portrayed them in the empty spaces of everyday scenes – outside their specific field of work and influence because we believe that through their words, actions, lives, these people have not only contributed and inspired within those spheres but have changed the fabric of society and the historical atmosphere in the which we live, while paying homage to them. We also hope to move the viewer toward considering the questions.

Korean Art from the United States: Special Exhibition at NMK

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