Name that Game–Playing Planet Pyongyang


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By Lee Scott

The FlyingBurrito Podcast: Experimental Korean Rock

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By David Mann

This is Korean music at its best. This is music that you might be surprised comes from Korea. It is not the usual k-pop, but the energetic, experimental bands in Korea. The alternative bands, the bands you’ll hear in college clubs in the rock and roll neighborhoods of Sinchon and Hongdae. So put the headphones on, pump up the volume, and rock out to music that may surprise you!

Urban Art and City Views at Naksan Park

There's no question that Seoul is a city for art lovers.  From internationally renowned museums to obscure independent galleries, there's a space dedicated to just about every genre and medium of visual art.  But it's not only in galleries that masterpieces can be found in the Korean capital. 

Urban art, also known as street art, is becomming more common throughout university neighborhoods like Hongdae and Shinchon.  Many of the murals that can be found in these areas are expressive and offer insight into Korean culture.  Still, few of these art spaces are as unique and aesthetic as those in Naksan Park in northern Seoul.

Shit Should Cost Money

Yo, what’s up, starving artist here. Guess what? I like to eat food. Trouble is, no one’s buying my shit. I haven’t eaten a square meal in days. I’m down to cooking my shoelaces on the tar when the sun comes out. I don’t know. Maybe it sucks. Maybe no one’s interested. Nobody’s got time. I understand. But I got another theory. It’s all about this thing called the internet, where you can, like, type a few words, and click your mouse a few times, and download basically whatever you want for free. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. I’m using the internet right now. I’ve downloaded hundreds, maybe even thousands of movies, because I can’t get netflix in Korea and the only dvd rental places around carry Transformers, Transformers 2, and Transformers 3, and that’s about it. I love movies, and I can’t help myself, and if I could pay a reasonable price for them, I would. In a heartbeat.

Funky Seoul Corner 18: Lightnin’ Hopkins’ ‘I Like To Boogie’


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By Scott Freeman

Paint Today ~ Work Tomorrow

I go back to work tomorrow. I will be teaching for about 2 and half weeks before heading into about seven days off before I hop on the plane. Maybe it's because I feel like I am caught up on what I need to do to leave, or the cold weather outside kept me in. But I took the painting bug I was feeling yesterday and extended it to today.

Needed Some Green in My Life

I'm not one for winter, especially living in an urban city. I would rather enjoy winter back home in my dad's small town. Generally, I have been missing seeing green leaves on trees. What happens in Seoul in the winter is that the various shades of concrete on the sidewalk and the stoney grey on the buildings stand out. Ok, it's not that dreary! But in retrospect summer and spring are probably more scenic in Korea, than winter.


After a stunning sunrise, and some pancakes at the “Lady Gaga” food tent near the lake, we headed off to the nearby temple of Bayon.


Bayon and Ta Prohm were my two favorite temples of the whole trip.  Bayon, or ‘that one temple with all the faces’, really felt and looked unreal.  The fact that it’s a Buddhist temple amongst a lot of Hindu temples does make it stand out, but it really was more than that.

Anish Kapoor: Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

A mirror only reflects, it doesn't retain the image forever. However, Anish Kapoor's "Vertigo V & VII" made of stainless steel, do more than just reflect. They shift, morph and construe the simple view of yourself and surroundings into mind-boggling size and shape.

Cosplay and Cartoons at Seoul Comic World

There's no doubt that cartoons are loved all around the world.  Comic books and animated television shows conjure up images of childhood, Saturday mornings, and spent allowances.  Yet, there are few places where cartoon culture is as prevalent as Eastern Asia.  In Korea, comics are taken to a whole new extreme.

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