Destination: Rhythm and Art (Bucheon)

It's not every day a bar decides to turn itself into an art gallery, but that's exactly what happened last Saturday in Bucheon. For at least one afternoon, Rhythm and Booze opened their doors to expat and Korean artists, played some lighter music and served sangria in addition to their wide selection of other beverages. Not a bad idea - unfortunately, the crowd didn't seem to be out in force during my time there.

Buy Art Supplies

Hey, does anyone know where I can buy art supplies in Busan?

Like vellum paper, canvas, pens, inks, Copics, maybe a lightbox and artist desk would be great. I'm having a hard time finding things aside from what they sell in Top Mart, etc, and I thought it'd be a little easier considering how much animation is done in this country.

Suyeong Travel Photo Exhibtion

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 17:00

We are happy to announce a very unique event! Five photographers will exhibit their travel pictures in the art gallery "Ssam(쌈)" in Suyoung subway station.

The photographers presenting are:
- Yun Mod
- Jose Lopez
- Kyle Palaniuk
- Will Jackson
- Kyle Daly

The exhibition opening party will be held as a wine party style with friends and Busanites on 20th Feb from 5P.M. There will be an acoustic live music performance as well. Take this as a chance to share your experience and information about traveling.

1) B.Y.O.B.: If possible, please bring your own appetizer or snack to share and your own drinks (especially wine!). The galley will supply utensils plus cheese & crackers.

Rad City Dance Party Art Show!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 21:00

Let's party! ... Live music, DJ Auntviv, zines and art displays...

9pm - Live Acoustic Set
- Jason Ross (last show in SOKO)
- Vivian Thomas (last show in SOKO)
- Rachel Hinkel
- Daniel Goldberg (last show in SOKO)

10pm - Live Electronic Set
- The Spookfish ( ) (Last show in SOKO)

11pm - Live Band
- Lhasa

Midnight (and between sets)
- DJ Auntviv (last show in SOKO)

All at the Basement in Busan's PNU neighborhood!

(facebook event page HERE:!/event.php?eid=296316460981&ref=mf)

Destination: From Monet to Picasso

Destination: Seoul International Photography Festival

'Made in Seoul', by Kim Hakree - a panoramic view of Seoul from Namsan Park, 2005-2009.

Warning: this post contains some artistic and relatively tasteful nudity - please keep away from kids and overzealous IT staff.

The Seoul International Photography Festival (also known as the SIPF) is a great change of pace from the art museums and photographic exhibits that dot the city. While not a pure photography exhibit, there's enough to keep the purists happy.

Destination: Hi Seoul Festival, Winter 2009 edition

This season's Hi Seoul Festival welcomes you some citizen art and a scaled back, toned-down attitude. Gone is the multi-story information booth with computers and internet ostensibly to tell you about the festival, as well as the scattered locations across the city. This particular festival, which started on December 19th and goes through January 24th (but with multiple things going until February 15th) has enough to spread across two visits or to fit into one day if you're cramming. Start in Seoul Plaza after exiting from City Hall Station:

Destination: Andy Warhol exhibit (Seoul Museum of Art)

While I've visited the Seoul Museum of Art before, the Andy Warhol exhibit opened on December 12th and sounded quite interesting. The man had a lot more to offer the world beyond Campbell Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe, and although not in a particularly artsy mood, my girlfriend and I decided to check it out.

Destination: Korea International Art Fair (ends today)

Updated slightly to include link to the KIAF website and a fellow bloggers report on the event.

The Costume of Painter - Phantom of Museum Au Bouguereau little thief - Oil and Lenticular on canvas by Bae Joon Sung.

Review: Miru Kim's photography at Gallery Hyundai offers a new perspective

You might have seen a story about this particular Korean photographer in the Korea Herald recently. Gallery Hyundai's two floors of space contains some fascinating looks at areas usually considered off-limits.

And for Miru Kim, that means doing it nude.

Whether exploring New York City, Michigan, Paris, or even Seoul, many of her works are of abandoned or deserted sites, some not known to residents of the city. Other photographs amongst the dozens bring up the 'how did she get there?' questions.

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