We started in August 2015. Artists across the globe passed...

I was happy to be part of the art exhibit, The End, on March 12...

I was happy to be part of the art exhibit, The End, o

Heyri Art Valley

Paju, South Korea —

I was happy to be part of the art exhibit, Lost in Mind, last...

I was happy to be part of the art exhibit, Lost in Mind, last June. It was a night full of original art along with music, poems, film, beer, and wine.

We had art from 9 artists from Korea, England, Bulgaria, New Zealand, and America.

We sold poster + postcards copies of our art to donate 550,580₩ to victims of the April and May 2015 Nepal earthquakes.

Mullae Art Village

30 Sept 2015 | Seoul, South Korea —

DIY Hand Mirror in Bukchon

Seoul, South Korea — Bukchon Hanok Village, literally means northern traditional village, is situated between Jongmyo Shrine and two famous palaces namely Gyeongbuk andChangdeok. Most visitors and tourists merely take photos at this very spot of the famous traditional village

Heezy Yang Mini Showcae: Moloko Plus in ITaewon

Moloko Plus, a not-gay bar on homo hill, will be hosting an art showcase featuring works by artist Heezy Yang. Pieces will have a focus on Korean politics and LGBT issues.

As of now, the exhibition should run from November 6th for at least two weeks. If seeing LGBT Korean art is not a good enough reason to get you out of the house, apparently Moloko Plus also gives a free shot to every customer. Not bad. Moloko Plus is open from 9 pm til the early morning.

Why Is Researching Korean Culture Easier in Japan?

By Hal Swindall

Ihwa Mural Village

Seoul, South Korea — After church service, we headed straight to Hyehwa to see the Philippine Flea Market which happens every Sunday. By the sidewalks under the tents, Filipinos sell instant cooking mix, chips, shrimp paste (bagoong), canned goods, soaps, deodorants, and even Filipino dishes such as adobo, banana ques, and many more. Surprisingly, some Filipino sellers were even talking in Korean among themselves and, we ran across some more Filipinos buying goods with satisfaction painted on their faces.

Walking around the area, we also spotted an ice cream stand selling ice cream that form into a flower just like this:


Gangpul Cartoon Alley

Seoul, South Korea — If we ask about a mural village in Seoul, many would suggest and are familiar with Ihwa Mural Village in Hyehwa. But, in a quiet neighborhood of 성안 (Seong-an) in 강동구 (Gangdong) district, which literally means East of the Han River, a colorful village also exists. The 50 paintings are actually from a famous Korean webcomic artist named 강풀 (Gang Pul).

Due to time constraint, I only got to see about 20+ artworks. Enjoy my snaps:

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