The Masked Man

The Masked Man

Side-profile of a masked dancer during the traditional Hahoe Village Folk dance, as performed at Hahoe Village during the 2014 Andong Mask Dance Festival.



Traditionally dressed villagers transport a ceremonial carriage on the outskirts of Hahoe Folk Village, Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Vlog Entry #5: 2014 International Mask Festival – Andong, South Korea

This video takes you along with me as I travel to Andong, South Korea for the 2014 International Mask Festival! To read more about my experience, check the related post here!

2014 International Mask Festival – Andong, South Korea

Masks:  Pretty cool!

Food: Pretty good!

Performances: Okay.

Location: Okay.

Overall: Pretty…okay.

DGFEZ – Road Trip Through Gyeongbuk


Lunar New Year – A Road Trip Adventure


Workshop Trip to Andong

Twice a year the school owners take all of their staff on a workshop trip. This is an overnight sightseeing trip AND it is all expenses paid. This trip we went to Andong. Andong is in Gyeongsangbuk province with a population of 170.000. I have been wanting to visit Andong since my first year in Korea but I never got around to going, so it was really nice to finally visit. In 1999 Queen Elizabeth visited Andong on her 73rd birthday. This is another reason why I was interested in visiting. I went to a mini museum that had an exhibition and it was dedicated to her historic visit!

When our bosses take their staff on a workshop they ask us to write a report to show our appreciation and to share our impressions. Naturally we exaggerate our experience to ensure they understand how grateful we are for this culture trip.

Here is our report…..

A Food Tour to Andong (All Ghosts Invited)

Andong is a city located in Gyeongsangbuk Province, South Korea. Once a home to many Confucian scholars, it was historically known as the capital of academia and intellectual culture of Korea. It is also often associated with folk traditions, particularly the well-known Andong mask dances. What many do not realize, however, is that Andong is famous for its cuisine and traditional alcohol.

Sharing the Secret

Sometimes I get the overwhelming feeling to yell out to everyone, or anyone who will listen, "YOU"RE MISSING IT"!  It's like I have a secret that I want to share so badly with everyone, and it's all flying by out the window

This usually happens when I travel. This recent trip from Busan to Andong did it to me again.  I wish I could share the heart-bursting joy of the perfect beauty I find as my bus speeds northward.  I wish it could radiate out of me so others could feel it too.   While most people are lulled to sleep by the rocking of the bus or watching TV on their phones, it feels like I'm the only one who really sees it.

I feel so full of glee seeing cities of neon tucked in by lush green mountains.  Palpitations and giddiness buzz inside me from the blend of grays and greens and the mist, of the low fields' perfect geometry marching to meet the mountainous tangles. 

Riverside Reminiscing

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