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Don’t Believe the (American) Hype on North Korea

University of Southern California professor and head of the school’s Korean Studies Institute, David Kang, says Americans should chill out over North Korea.  The South certainly isn’t too concerned, so why are the Miguks?

The Marriage Issue and Those who Fight for and Defend the Long Barbaric Act

Marion Barry and those “Dirty” Asians, the Saga Continues


It’s an Election Year So Obama Sits in the Middle of the Rosa Parks Bus

President Obama sits on the same bus where Rosa Parks made history on December 1st 1955. The president, as is prudent in an election year, is sitting in the middle of the bus.

As part of a campaign swing through the midwest the president stopped in Dearborn Michigan (yes, he save your ass, and thanks for paying us back).

While there he visited the Henry Ford Museum, which is home to the 1948 GM bus on which Ms. Parks refused to sit in the back of.

Old News Repackaged: Barack Obama, Eater of Dogs



Justice Scalia’s ludicrous broccoli remark and the Commerce Clause

Justice Scalia can you at least give a notion of impartial integrity while wearing the black robe and stop playing to the Republican electorate? Asking if the national health care plan means that the government can force people to buy broccoli? Come on.

Justice Ginsberg, on the other hand, nailed it. If the health care plan (which mandates everyone must buy a policy) is deemed unconstitutional, then what’s to stop social security being next, since it forces everyone to invest in their retirement?

A fair question indeed, and appropriate.

Who Says Dick Cheney Has No Heart?

Dick Cheney has a new heart. The former vice president and Guinness World Record aspirant with five heart attacks since his late 30s, got a heart transplant on Saturday after waiting more than 20 months on a transplant list.

I am impressed with the fact that he waited 20 months and didn’t use his political and financial influence to jump ahead to the front of the line. It shows there was a large measure of good in Cheney’s previous and much publicized bad heart.

Sick Rick Santorum’s Shameful ‘Obamaville’ Video

Sick Rick Santorum’s campaign plans to unveil an 8-part video series called “Obamaville” on its website in the coming days, depicting a dystopian future where everything bad that can happen does following an Obama re-election. Have a look at the preview for yourself.


I am no big fan of Barack Obama, but to show Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad morphing into U.S. President right about the time the narrator says “sworn American enemy,” is simply deplorable.

Korean American Nominated to Run World Bank as Back Slapping Commences

American president Barack Obama has nominated Jim Yong Kim, a global health policy expert and the president of Dartmouth College, to run the World Bank.

Though Kim has been living in America since shortly after getting out of diapers, the South Korean media will no doubt have a week of self-congratulatory backslapping in honor of his DNA with little mind paid to his being about as American as one can get.

A friend of mine from New Zealand said that as an American I simply will never understand when a country lays claim to famous or infamous Americans because of ethnic ties.

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