The Spurious Iranian Bogeyman in Cairo

Haroon Moghul makes several good points about why Americans should at least not fear either revolution in Egypt or the Muslim Brotherhood.

The rest of the conversation is excellent. I would also point to Moghul’s essay distinguishing the 1979 Iranian revolution from the protests in Cairo.

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Listen! The Pharaohs Are Laughing!

 An Egyptian boy holds a megaphone while chanting anti-government slogans in Tahrir Square the afternoon of January 31, 2011 in central Cairo, Egypt. Protests continued unabated in Cairo January 31, as thousands marched to demand the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)  Continue reading at Egypt Protests In Cairo | NowPublic Photo Archives“‘We want a leader who has used public transportation.’” (The Second World, p. 201) Put that on a placard!

Our World, Three Times Distilled

Of all the photographs snapped in the last few years, it comes down to these two for me. Humanity, ugly and whatever else, and what it means to live on this planet.

It took me a few seconds until I realized just how asymmetrical a skull could become. (“War Is Personal“)

© Walter Astrada courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2010 / AFP (Agence France Presse / Reportage by Getty Images)

What did Lucy’s Daughter Have for Dinner?

Dikika Research Project, California Academy of SciencesWhat did Lucy’s daughter have for dinner? Perhaps it was beef and mutton.

The new stone-tool-marked fossil animal bones from Dikika have been dated to approximately 3.4 million years ago and were found just 200 meters away from the site where Alemseged’s team discovered “Selam” in 2000. Dubbed “Lucy’s Daughter” by the international press, Selam was a young Australopithecus afarensis girl who lived about 3.3 million years ago and represents the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor discovered to date.

We Owe Our Prosperity to Blackbeard

First, there was the "invisible hand". Now, Peter Leeson has discovered the "invisible hook"! Although I'm wary of theories purporting influences upon American political thought or the Constitution, Leeson's economic perspective on 17th and 18th Century piracy in the Atlantic is based on primary documents and provides a cogent comparison to the current Somali episode. What [...]

Now, Europe Is Interesting

The Somali [Coast Guard's} exploits have not just been that interesting until now. The [freedom fighters] receive their information by satellite phone and use sophisticated equipment to locate their targets, Cadena Ser said. The intelligence report also said that the [rowdy marines] seem to avoid attacks on ships of some nationalities, including British ships. It listed several attacks [...]

China says "Jump!" South Africa asks, "How high?"

In case you doubted that the world is forever locked in a state of contradiction, cast your eyes towards South Africa's banning of the Dalai Lama from a peace conference in Johannesburg. When I first heard about it two words came immediately to mind: "Irony" and "Idiocy."That the government of a people who fought so long and so hard to rid themselves of colonial suppression would ban the world's

Perhaps the Pope's father should have worn a condom

The Catholic Church has been against condoms since they were invented in the 16th century --their opposition in this century is nothing new. But, when His Holiness the Pope tells Africans that condom use increases the spread of AIDS, one wonders would we all be better off if Benedict's father had slipped one on 82 years ago.In his own words: "Aids cannot be overcome by the distribution of

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