the week we view

Where in the world is Bobby McGill

Once upon a time there was a website called

It still exists, but it hasn't been updated for eons.

I enjoyed reading BM's blog very much. 

I've paid a tribute to The Week We View, California style -- it's here if you care to peruse.

I hope Idlewordship re-emerges.

Wherever you are, BM, I hope yer hitting home runs.

I'm doing this because I noticed that my blog is off the pusanweb's list.  My blog was 1st on their list of blogs for almost 2 years, so that was a nice run. 

I live in LA now after 13 years and 5 months in Asia, close to 12 in SKorea.  My first 'true to life novel' entitled Culturebook -- My Youth  in Asia will be available at and Cheju Book Town this summer.  Stay tuned.


The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

>Nude Germans: the scourge of Europe? Voters from a small town in the Swiss Alps apparently think so. This week they voted to ban nude hiking after several reported incidents of German tourists rambling off-trail in the buff. If you want to test the local folk's resolve and go for a nude hike anyway, you better carry something for your money --the fine is $176>Snoop Dogg was in court this week

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

>Been much ado this week about Ashton Kucher beating CNN in a race for being the first with one million followers on Twitter. Does this mean that Kucher is the biggest twit?>The Bush administration's torture memos were released this week. My favorite entry thus far: "Today while water boarding a suspected terrorist I dropped my new pen into the water tub and accidentally gouged suspect's eye.

The Week We View for Apr. 12th

>In the Rude or Stupid department: The South Korean city of Iksan, which is known as Korea’s first “woman-friendly city,” the government installed 25 parking spaces reserved for women only. They’re outlined in pink, with a large pink flower symbol, and are 20 centimeters wider than the standard parking space. According to the Iksan government, the spaces were made larger in order to accommodate “

The Week We View - Apr. 5th

>South Korea banned all sales of U.S. pistachios produced by Setton Farms due to a possible salmonella contamination. Look out, here come the Pissed Off Pistachio protests. Though I worry Korean TV news magazine, PD Notebook, might again cause panic with a salmonella "documentary." They might alter the translation as they did about Mad Cow. I can see it now --candlelight vigils in downtown

The Week We View - Mar. 29

>The President of the European Union, Mirek Topolanek, had kind words for Barack Obama leading up to his first visit to Europe as president. Speaking about the administration's map to economic recovery, Topolanek said that American remedies for the global recession are “the road to hell.” So much for diplomatic nuance.>Saturday 8:30 local time, wherever you are, is "Earth Hour" --when everyone in

The Week We View - Mar 8th

>Economy got you down? Money a little tight? Worry not dear readers. The trip to hell in a hand basket is free --but seating is tight.>Unemployment rose to 8.1% this week, a 25-year high, with 651,000 jobs being lost in February alone. Experts expect the economy to shed a total of 2.4 million jobs this year exceeding 9% in overall unemployment. The good news? Spring is here --enjoy the time off.>

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