Saturday, June 30 2012


It started raining today. They say it’s the beginning of the monsoon season. All I know is it hasn’t rained properly for over a month. They say it’s the driest summer ever. It’s only June. They say a lot of things.

I just finished making myself a mug of strong black coffee, turned a Tom Waits CD, brought in a reading lamp to the living room and have set myself up for a Saturday of writing in this rain dulled apartment of mine. When I finish that I’ll probably read.

10 Magazine’s Blog of the Month


If you are in Korea, pick up a copy of this month’s 10 Magazine!

What Motivates You To Write?

It’s probably a little cliché to write about what makes me want to be a writer. If you ever happen upon any websites that promote writing and offer advice on becoming a writer, you’ll probably not struggle to find a page of quotations about why such-and-such a writer writes, as well as a long list of links or articles about why people write, and all of them essentially say the same thing. They write because writing is just something they have to do. I would share the same sentiments.

First Brush With Literary Fame

The response to one of my posts here, which was republished on asiapundits, was obscenely, overwhelmingly negative, although at the same time the owner of asiapundits has informed me that the article has gotten over a thousand views, which means that far more people than ever before are being exposed to my writing—even if that writing definitely isn’t my best.


Because it is Monday,  and I feel like this:

 because I am in a fight with my dear friend writer's block, and feel like I'm about this good at hiding from it: 


I rarely do this, but I felt impelled to act on this today.


This is a post about nothing.

This means that I am writing about nothing – and I mean nothing but writing about nothing.

It’s a post that is just a finger stretcher, a means of posting for the sake of posting, because I want to post.

I feel the need to post.

Life itself is full activity and excitement these days, but that’s not important right now. I don’t want to post about that.

I don’t feel the need to complain or celebrate or lambaste or enquire or examine today. I only feel the need to make a post on my blog. Because of this, I felt that the only appropriate thing worth posting about would be nothing. Expect nothing other than nothing, other than nothing of course.

Some Blogging Talk…

I like my blog. I really do. It’s fun. But then again, so is drinking until 5am. It’s something I like to do, but it’s not something I should do too often. Why? Well because as much fun as it is, it’s very distracting. Now, loyal readers (and new readers) that is not meant as a slur against your good taste and fine choice in character, more as a finger pointed at my own lack of self discipline outside of my regular contributions to this column.

WordPress blogs are great because they have wonderful statistics sections that one can peruse over for days, matching the number of hits against the popularity of some posts against others. This is one of my biggest distractions. Now, back in the day when this blog started I used to complain over the difference between a fourteen hit day and a sixteen hit day, these days it’s more like …eh, 34 against 36…maybe. Anyway, the hit count is a distraction. The only way I see my hit count staying regularly high is to post regularly, and that’s another distraction.

The Library

A walk in the wet tar, in the rain, with my shoes and socks soaked through, and the brown furrows of rice fields drenched in mirrors—the vast cement hospital rising like a neo-Wagnerian castle out of its upside-down double, interrupted by a few rolls of sallow hay, scraps of blue tarps, shark-chewed husks of stained styrofoam. Few sidewalks on this walk. Much danger & discomfort.

In a special sort of room on the library’s first floor, beyond the beeping security turnstiles and the computers which you use, with your ID, to check out a specific chair in any one of a number of enormous reading rooms—bare, practical, fluorescent, uncomfortable affairs, guaranteed to leave you with an aching neck and back if you stay for too long—but in this special room, I sit for over three and a half hours, and write, and it is pleasant. I have not yet explored the stacks. I don’t even know where they are.

The Top 9 Reasons not to Write a Top 10

Maybe you already know this…

(In no particular order of preference)

It’s the end of the year as we know it – 2011


One of my favourite things about using WordPress is the statistics. They feed my ego like my mammy did with potatoes for my appetite for donkeys years, and Herself now does with rice and kisses. What’s especially great for this appetite is this annual report provided by the good people at WordPress with details of what you have been reading throughout 2011.

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