NY Daily News Covers Hallyu and Growing K-Pop ‘Invasion’

Check It Out with will.i.am and Minaj

What’s going on here?  Far East Movement makes it to #1 on the Billboard charts and iTunes and now there’s will.i.am and Nicki Minaj mashing it up in Korean in their latest music video Check It Out.  What has our world come to?  I guess the influence of Kpop is really happening. Maybe we can all get along, even in the world of hip hop.  The world has surely changed.

Will.I.Am Video Promotes Korean Cool

Is Korea becoming the new Japan? I mean, when I think of Japan I think futuristic cool. Images like Shibuya, Blade Runner, Japanese script, and crazy electronic gadgets, and neon signs come to mind.

Move over techno-trendy Japan. Major US recording artist Will.I.Am chose Korean and Hangul (the Korean alphabet) as the stylish futuristic centerpiece for his new video. First time I’ve seen anything like that. Maybe it’s the G20 effect. Maybe not. Check it out…

What do you think?

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