Our first week in Canada

Here is a brief look at our first week in Penetang, Ontario.  I am on my mother’s computer and don’t want to take too much time on it so a lot of this post will be terse to the point of being cryptic.  I am writing this post more for my memory than for international scrutiny.

Just before coming to Canada, I had one last hike on a small, local mountain and finished the hike in my T-shirt. The day before leaving, The Little Guy (TLG) and I rode our bikes to Eulsookdo.
last mountain


parenting milestone

My son and I went for our first bike trip on Sunday.  We rode along the river and across a bridge to Eulsookdo, a park with ecological preserve, a drive in theater and other tourist attractions.


Previously, I had jogged or roller-bladed beside my son as he rode, careful to be close enough to try to catch him if he tipped over.

Saha District critters

On Sunday, the little guy and I hit the beach and this time we were prepared with a pasta strainer and plastic terrarium.  Here is what I think is a poison fish -that’s not the name but it looks to be related to a puffer, two crabs unfortunately caught in the act -and bravely unwilling to stop, and two …lobsters?  I don’t know what they are -nor, in fact the scientific names of any of our catch.

We also found a twofer here:

Spoonbills in Eulsookdo

The big flat building in the background is wildlife information centre describing the local wetlands on Eulsook Island.

The closer birds are a few varieties of ducks.  In the background are herons and spoonbills.  I had never seen spoonbills before and was thrilled to do so.  The birds are a little unclear and I tried to shoot a picture through a set of stabilized binoculars.  To my great surprise, it worked!

The dinosaur museum in Goseong (and more)

Hi there!  Long time, no read.

I attempted the Nanowrimo project last month (the goal is to write 50,000 words- a novel – in one month) and didn’t get very far.  Still, that was the number one thing I was to do, so if I wasnt doing it, I couldn’t do things lower on the list either.

Anyway, I’m back.

December third was our wedding anniversary so like any middle-aged couple with a child, we did child-friendly stuff.  Heck, we all loved the dinosaur museum!

I sure didn’t love the trip to the museum.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from headaches occurring roughly every other day.  First, I went to a dentist but he found no problems.  Then I went to a hospital and I learned my cold has progressed to sinusitis and the infection in a sinus cavity has been causing my headaches.

dragonfly eating a damselfly

Well, that’s what I think it is.  Click to biggify.


It was pretty cool to see the dragonfly go by and notice it seemed to be carrying something.  Luckily it landed nearby and I was able to study it briefly.

I was nervous about photographing it as it is on the windowsill of a bathroom at my university.  Not the sort of place I want someone looking out of and seeing a prof with a camera!

Eagles and magpies

There is a large sea eagle that lives, or at least hunts, near our apartment.  Like all such birds, it is beautiful and majestic and a symbol of power.  Still, it’s relations with other birds is a strong parable for ‘bigger isn’t always better’.  In the following photos, you can see a magpie torment and chase away the much larger eagle.

Oh, click to embiggen any of these photos.  The quality isn’t fantastic; sorry ’bout that.

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