Listen up ladies!

Ok fellow vagina holders of the world, here's the official word. Everything you have heard, everything you have read, all the stuff your friends told you, its all crap! When moving to Korea I probably packed 5 lbs of tampons strewn about my suitcase, more shampoo, conditioner and deodorant than is humanly possible to use in one year and enough birth control to ensure I never get pregnant, ever. Well, I am here to tell you, straight from an expat's loud mouth, UNNECESSARY! Complete and utter waste of luggage space (and I had to pay extra for my bags to get on the plane, ALOT extra) because you can get everything you need here in Seoul, its not hard to find and not even that much more expensive.

Finding my voice

My Gangwon Notes blog, the best damn blog never to be nominated by 10 Magazine for a best blog award, had a pretty clear focus: Gangwon Province.  Yes, I also mentioned my homeland, Canada, Korean politics and conservation efforts, a few book reviews, but I stayed mostly true to the title of my blog.

I am now in a new location and it is not undersupplied with bloggers (can you ever have enough bloggers?) and don’t intend to be ‘the voice of Busan’. but what do I intend?  Well, I have mentioned somewhere that I am interested in a few things, but I still don’t feel comfortable with the direction of this blog.  I am in a new location, have a new job and am using a new blogging site, why follow the same  path?  Still, I do enjoy blogging and want to write about something.


today. I looked at these articles in Korea’s English newspapers.

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