Hair did at Hwamiju

Bohemian Girls ♥ Vogue Korea- May 2012

Les Filled Aux Camellias♥ Vogue Korea- April 2012

Beautiful patterns among the camellias in the photo shoot “Les Filled Aux Camellias” for Vogue Korea- April 2012

Country Song♥ Vogue Korea- May 2012

Another stunning photo shoot from Vogue Korea this May! Lots of beautiful vintage-style patterns matched every which way!  I wonder where they shot some of this, the setting is very beautiful and matches the feeling perfectly! Please enjoy~

Vogue Korea “Spring Breeze”

March Vogue is out here in Korea!  Spring is not quite here outside, but they have captured a beautiful and whimsical pond-like scene with one foot stepped in the past within the pages of Vogue.  As usual with Korean Vogue, they have mixed together fashion with traditional Korean Hanbok elements/ aesthetics.  I’m SO ready for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom…

♥ ♥ ♥  enjoy! ♥ ♥ ♥

The September Issue, Vogue, and Korea’s Fashion Climb

In early August, Julian Kong, the editor of Eloquence, sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in writing a feature-length story for their upcoming issue. 

“It’s about Anna Wintour,” he wrote, “the editor in chief of Vogue Magazine.”  Julian suggested I watch the documentary The September Issue, which follows the making of Vogue’s largest-ever edition of the magazine, its 2007 September issue.

The story assignment was two-fold: “a bio on Wintour plus the effects of fashion in Seoul and how it’s changing the city to a more globalized pace.”

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