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Best Link’s of the Week – February 2nd Edition

These are some of the best reads I found about Korea over the last week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  If you’re partying, enjoy the much improved weather.  If you’re an introvert like me, enjoy chillin’ at your home doing whatever it is that us introverts like to do!  If you found any other great articles this week, please add them in the comment section.

Koreabang- Park Geun Hye is getting married – If you thought Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama were scary, get a load of the creepy wedding invitations.

Kimchibytes Welcomes Andy Baxley

On the web, Kimchibytes grew considerably since November.  Even in person, it’s strange to go out because if one person mentions Kimchibytes, it’s not uncommon for someone else in the group to actually know about this blog.  The responses encourage me and I would like to thank everyone who supports this blog- especially those who follow Kimchibytes by e-mail or on WordPress. As a teacher, however, it’s hard to find time to take great pictures and write articles that people will read.  I spend a considerable amount of time working on this blog and that’s why it’s had some success.

Photos from Japan- A Small Sample of Kyoto and Osaka.

Kyoto Pictures-1

Some Beautiful Japanese Girls in their classic Kimonos by the Kiyomizu Temple

Outdoor Tourism in Korea : Featuring Photography of Seoraksan (Seorak Mountain)

Seoraksan Post-7

Tourism in Korea will explode because of one untapped resource – nature.

When foreigners (non-Americans) think of New York, they think of uncompromising skyscrapers, broad avenues, plush shopping and a city that never sleeps.  They, like most Americans, forget that New York is a massive state that offers much more than a singular city.  New York is a state of nature, mountains, and a beautiful drive on the Mohawk Towpath.

Question from a reader: finding birth parents and scared about traveling alone

A reader writes me in search of her birth parents (question edited for length):


Hi Chris,

I hope you are doing well. I found your blog through a google search (hope you don't think that's weird!) but I've always wanted to visit South Korea. I was adopted from Seoul and currently searching for my birth parents [...] But at the very least, I want to return to my home land and explore South Korea.

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