Visa Medical X-Rays

By Fiona Van Tyne

If you are interested in traveling after Korea, there is a chance that you will have to get a medical check.

For many countries where you have to apply for a visa, Korea is considered a “high risk” country for Teberlocolous. Many countries, where you need to apply for a visa, are going to want you to undergo a medical examination, but they mostly just want a x-ray of your lungs to make sure you are healthy.

Most of us got this done at the beginning of the contracts, as english teachers, if you are able to get your hands on the medical records, you can see if they will send them to the visa office you are applying to.

In the case that you 1, did not have this done when you first came here. or 2 can not gain access to the records, and you need to get it done, then here is the information that we have.

Question about visa for India!

Hi all-

I'm traveling to India in August and am trying to figure out the visa process.  I'm American and live in Busan.  I'll be traveling there for 2 months. It's unclear to me whether the visa is issued for 3 months or 6 months, and if only three months, does it expire 3 months from the ISSUE date?  I will leave Busan on July 19th but not get to India until August 12th (traveling elsewhere first).  So do I need to crunch two visits to Seoul in my last week in Busan or can I send it in the mail and not be as stressed out?

Thanks for any advice and help!!!


F3 Visa with hopes to work

This is partly question and partly venting.

I'm with F3 visa i.e spousal visa. I understand that with this visa, one CANNOT work at all (now I know). Its quite frustrating because job posts that mention looking for F visa make it as if though ALL F visas are ok. Its pointless that we have that code at all. Then, employers rather people with no visa to begin with or already with the right ones.  If I need to change visa, I need to have an appointment letter first. Its a mad cycle for us F3 visas.

I actually found a non teaching job I like and I can't work because of my visa and the employer can't get the right papers because its complicated (dont wanna get into details).

Anyone with same experience? I don't mind staying a stay at home mom but a job on the side while the kids go to school won't hurt, you know?



Visa question...

I'm marrying a Korean girl in California in May, and after a short honeymoon, moving to Korea.  I've already bought a one-way ticket to Korea, but obviously one can't get a spousal visa until one is married.  So I thought I'd get a tourist visa when I arrive, and then work on getting the spousal visa once I'm in the country.  But will immigration give me trouble coming into the country on a one-way ticket because of my tourist visa?  Will an explanation of the reason be sufficient?  My wife-to-be will arrive on the same flight.



Passport, and Visas and CRCs...Oh My!

Many people have questions about the processes for obtaining your passport, Visa, and Criminal Record Check in order to travel abroad to teach English.  For those interested in coming to Korea, I try to touch on the details of each of the processes.

Getting your Visa and Criminal Record Check (CRC) can be tedious and time consuming.  Plan wisely, prepare your documentation carefully, and get started ASAP.  You'll be glad you did in the end.

I hope it is helpful.  Even more, I hope to see you here soon.

The waiting game with North Korea

The cool air blasting on to us from the ceiling air duct was a welcome relief from the exterior suffocating heat of Seoul’s concrete centre. The banker positioned opposite us was somewhat flustered by his lack of useful banking English and had been bumbling his way through the transaction. The glitter from his exotic tie occasionally sparkling in the light as his fingers furiously danced on the computer keyboard. The waltz of the digits came to a sudden end and a piece of paper was shoved under our noses, ‘OK’ said the anxious man before taking a bow and indicating that this interaction was terminated. ‘OK? When will the money arrive?’ we asked. ’48 hours’ came the abrupt reply.

Letter from Korea, April 2011

Suwon, South Korea
April 30, 2011

Dear Ireland,

Apologies for my lack of correspondence, I’ve been busy believe it or not. I won’t bore you with the details but I would in fact prefer to inform you of one of the reasons that I haven’t had as much time as usual to sit down and write you a lovely letter, as has been my wont for almost a year.

Recently, myself and Herself have become business people. We are proprietors. Not in the traditional sense, more in a temporary and experimental sense.

As I wrote in a previous post, I spend a lot of time in my friend’s traditional Korean tea shop that is close to our home. Recently the owner propositioned Herself whether or not she would like to run the tea shop. Herself was duly excited by the prospect and we decided we would take it on board for a few months and try it out.

Korea Changes E2 Visa Process: FBI Background Check How To

Important visa / immigration news

UPDATED 25 July 2010 with additional information regarding background checks for Americans.

I have Stafford Lumsden at the Chosun Bimbo to thank for making these changes known, and to Matt at Gusts of Popular Feeling for his research into the subject.

On getting an F-2 visa, and becoming a resident

On February 1, 2010, Korean Immigration decided to change some of the rules regarding immigration into Korea. One of the rules was that most E-series visa holders (a visa tied to your job) could apply for and receive an F-series visa (a visa based more on citizenship, heritage, or residency - not simply a working visitor). According to some information from and "miljeong", a credible-sounding person on ESL Cafe, the guidelines won't let the average English teacher gain the coveted upgrade - but there's hope yet.

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