I've been in Florida a little over 24 hours now. It's amazing here, as always. Most people here live amongst year long greenery and large houses. I don't have photos yet but those will come. Today I woke up tired, so rested some more. Then I headed to the mall to get that plug I needed, and after buying it felt like a fool for paying so much. Found out my brother might have an extra attachment that I need, and so if he finds it I will return this expensive gadget.

The rest of the day I did some shopping in the mall, and walked away with two new bags. Not sure if I will return one.

But it is great seeing Americans and their laid-backness. The casual feeling around me is soothing, and hearing English isn't making me nervous. I guess this time around I'm not really having "reverse culture-shock." Mostly I feel like I'm in a dream and know that I'll be going back to Korea eventually.


My flight to SFO was quickened down to 9hrs because of strong jet streams along the way. I managed to get some shut eye on the plane. What also made it great was the middle seat was empty and the aisle seat was taken by a nice Berkeley guy who shared in the wonders of that city.

I'm currently at my hotel and waking up out of a 4 hour nap in a cozy Queen size bed. Not much is nearby this place, except if I wanted to walk several blocks. I don't feel like doing that so I'm going to order salad and pizza. I fly out tomorrow to catch a plane to Florida. I can't wait! A huge reunion.

Usually when I come back to America from abroad I feel really nostalgic on the first day. I kind of felt this way at the airport and ride over to the hotel. I admired the license plates and variety of cars and colors.

Upcoming DC Trip

As part of my home vacation this month I am going to visit Washington, D.C. with my mother. I have never been here and am excited to see a slice of America I haven't been to. So far I am using Google Maps to pinpoint places of interest and also restaurants and general areas to find oneself at a nice cafe. Here is the map:

View DC trip in a larger map

Seollal in Busan


People Return

It feels like an extra Sunday around here. The roar of cars from the nearby traffic lanes have picked up their buzz. When I went out for bread at my local mart I was happy to see it open and saw people walking around with coffee.

The upstairs neighbor has been playing the piano, which they usually do on the weekend. And the cry of children and teenagers can be heard in the distant park. All signs that Seollnal is coming to its end as people make their way back to Seoul.

Quiet Out There

It's the Sunday before the Lunar New Year's holiday here in Korea. Already I can tell most people in my area (Nowon) have packed up and gone to wherever they need to go for family duties. However, it is usually quiet on a Sunday here anyways.

Not much happening for me this holiday season in Korea. I am meeting a friend for a good meaty dinner and some nice chatting. I have the whole week off next week and in that time I need to withdraw cash for my American vacation and also go to immigration to renew my visa.

I hope your Korean holiday is filled with fun or relaxation. :) Happy Year of the Black Dragon!

2011 You Were...Well..

Wow! It is the end of 2011 already. I'm 30, single and the battery to my wireless mouse just died. This past year was marked by mild discoveries and accomplishments. For one I finally found a school I am comfortable working at and also a neighborhood that is nice to live in.

I got out and saw some nice places, one of which was the beauty that can be found on Jeju Island.

Have a Jolly Golly Christmas It's the ...

I'm currently on my Christmas vacation that will last till the New Year. To give the kids something special we (the English teachers) dressed up in a Santa outfit, played songs and handed out presents. The kids had a splendid time, except for a few that were displeased with their presents. Hey! It's not my fault kid! The presents were brought in by other students and randomly put into a bag.

Dear Korea #042

Dear Korea #042

Not a very impressive comic, I know. They will start getting better (eventually…hopefully?).

Call me a dweeb, but I think I tend to stress out more than I actually should when I know someone from overseas is visiting. I tend to take on this silent obligation that every single moment they spend here needs to be perfect, and will more than often lead to me using a lot of money and time. What can I say? Do unto others, right?

Festivities at the Seoul Museum of History

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