F-5: Permanent Residence Visa in South Korea

Last week, I received my permanent residence visa (F-5) in the mail. Finally!!! After more than 3 months of waiting and thinking that I would not be granted the visa. Why? You may ask. It’s just a permanent visa.

Slow and Healthy: Slobbie Restaurant in Hongdae

I recently found myself in Hongdae with my friend at a vegetarian (yet had meat options) kind of restaurant. My friend has been staying with me these past few weeks as she is in between jobs and needs a place to crash. Her stay has been helpful towards some fun nights.

Anyways, she is a vegetarian and I figured why not find a suitable restaurant for her while she tags along with me to Hongdae for a haircut.

Soswaewon Garden (소쇄원)

On my second day in the lush green city of Damyang I decided to head into the mountains to see the Soswaewon garden. Somewhat of a famous landmark and I figured I would try and venture around beyond the city limits.

Getting On Base: My Visit to Camp Casey

Located north on the blue line is the US Army Garrison known as Camp Casey. Throughout my whole time living in Korea I have never gone on any of the US Army bases here in Korea. Of course the main reason being that you can't just walk in, but need to have an Army personell escort you. Through some random act of the universe I was invited to go on base with my blogger friend Jennipal. She has a friend who works on the base and so invited me along.

Damyang Bamboo Museum

After I ventured through the bamboo forest I decided it would be best to cool off in a museum. However the bamboo museum, 담양 대나무 박물관was located a bit out of town so I took a taxi instead of walking over there. In fact I was comfortable getting around the area via taxi and it was fun getting to know local people this way, along with using some Korean.

Japlanning: or How I Can Sleep in a Space Odyssey

If you haven't noticed, I am super excited for my upcoming trip to Japan.  I've been doing a lot of reading and research, and yet I still feel nowhere near prepared.  Oh well, ready or not- here I come. 

I was talking to my friend Sam yesterday about how if you would've asked me when I was younger (before Korea had even got an invitation to the party), never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would go to Japan.  Maybe that's why I wasn't too horribly upset when I didn't make it there my first year- it seemed like a place too far away to be reachable.

In Kuala Lumpur

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur this morning after staying in a small airport hotel last night. Taking the airport express train, we were carried from countryside through to suburbs and then briefly through the city until we alighted at KL Sentral, the main train station of the city.

After booking train tickets on to Ipoh for tomorrow, we found a taxi which took us in the central shopping and business area of the city, Bukit Bintang. It is also where we have reserved a room in a quaint guesthouse within sight of a large hotel we had been considering before our friend recommended otherwise. As we had arrived too early to check in, we left our bags with reception and set out to take a short wander around the locale.

In Two Months

I have awesome news!!

Less than two months from now I will be on vacation, in JAPAN!!

I am super excited, have borrowed *cough*stolen*cough* my friend's Lonely Planet Japan, and now I need your advice of where I should go and what I should do and see!

I'm going to get the Rail Pass and I'll for sure be going to Tokyo and Kyoto.

The National Gallery of Art

The Lincoln Memorial

It wasn't the sunniest or the warmest day on our trip, but seeing the Lincoln Memorial was worth it. I took my family to Foggy Bottom station and we tried to catch a bus closer to The Mall area. But you could easily have walked the distance.

Approaching the memorial, you start to sense the significance and iconic power of it's structure.

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