I've booked my own overseas vacation for the first time in my life.

Oh how sweet life is.....

팔용산 Paryongsan

6 Feb 2010, Wandering around 마산 Masan, I hike up 팔용산 Paryongsan and see their thousands of little stone pagodas.

순천 Suncheon

30 Jan 2010, I come to 순천 Suncheon for a little escape from Masan.

무주 Muju

24 Jan 2010, To take full advantage of winter in Korea, I go to ski school in 무주 Muju.

창덕궁 Changdeokgung

25 Apr 2010, I'm back in Seoul and I visit the last of the "Great Five" Palaces of the city and wander through downtown.

Seoul at Night

24 Apr 2010, I return to 서울 Seoul hoping to get a baseball for the NEXEN Heroes, and to get my netbook repaired.

구미 Gumi

16 Jan 2010, Wanting to experience a little of the winter, I escape from warm Masan to the snow in the mountains of 구미 Gumi.

무주 Muju

23 Jan 2010, Wanting to play in the snow, I go to a ski resort in 무주 Muju.

上海 Shanghai

2 Jan 2010, I come to the infamous city of 上海 Shanghai near the Yellow Sea.

南京 Nanjing

1 Jan 2010, I have a whole day to wander the streets on 南京 Nanjing. I visit 阅江楼景区 Yuejiang Tower, the ancient city walls, and the Presidential Palace for a little history lesson.

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