Where to Buy English Books in Korea

Winter is coming in Korea and it’s a great time to snuggle up with a few new books. This past January I made a goal to read 35 books in 2014, and I can finally see the finish line! I’ve read 26 books so far, so that leaves 9 more to go in under 2 months. That’s a lot of reading, so I decided to order some new books to motivate me to reach my goal.

I ordered them from What the Book, the popular used book store in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul. Many of you have probably heard of or visited the store, but you may not know that you can also order books from their online store and have them delivered to you anywhere in Korea! Even if you’re looking for a specific book they don’t have, What the Book can order it for you online and send it to you.

Recommend a used car dealer in Busan? Any cautions?

Does anybody know any reputable used car dealers in Busan. If you've had any good experiences please let me know.

Also, any special cautions when buying in Korea? A lot of the cars of checked out online (encar) have been in accidents and have had a bit of front end damage, but seem to be fully repaired...but I'm not sure if they're ok or  not.  I do have a Korean to help me but this person doesn't know much about cars.

I'm looking to buy a midsize 4-5 year old Avante, Forte, etc.


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