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Exclusive: PSY`s Anti-America Protesting Past?

Note: This is the original story that broke the whole PSY anti-American scandal wide-open. Was wild to watch it start from my little musings over on Haps to eventually being  cited by everyone from the New York Times to Time Magazine to ABC news.

“Gangnam Style” has made PSY a global household name with millions of adoring fans. According to recent English translations of his performances in 2002 and 2004, PSY participated in several high profile anti-American military protests on the peninsula that might anger some, while winning over others.

Last 3 Weeks in Korea- LPGA Win #100, Soldier Curfew, & CC Fees

1. National
1) Nayeon Choi’s win marks 100th LPGA win for Koreans
Korea’s Nayeon Choi won the LPGA Malaysia Tournament on Oct 16, her first win of the season, and the 100th for Korean female golfers, after beating Taiwan’s Yani Tseng by a stroke. The first LPGA win was by Okhee Ku who won the Standard Register Turquoise Classic in 1988. The 2nd and 3rd was by Oksoon Koo who won LPGA Toray Open in Japan 1994 and 1995 straight. The flood started in 1998 when rookie Seri Park won four LPGA wins, including two majors, in one season. Other Korean girls that have contributed 100th win are Mihyun Kim and Jiaye Shin with 8 wins each, Grace Park and Heewon Han with 6 wins, and Nayeon Choi with 5 wins.

“Invincible Spirit”

Texas Street was flooded with US Military on Saturday, as Busan welcomed them to South Korea the day before the scheduled military exercises.

Texas Street has long been a popular spot for military men stationed in Busan. This area is a proclaimed ‘red-light district’ in the city, hence receiving its name for being a “wild, frontier area” as Texas is to America.

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