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Question from a reader: teaching at university?

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A reader writes in asking about university jobs:
I just found your blog...thanks for a great resource! I've lived in Korea for a little over a year, just to the east of Seoul at first and now near Itaewon. I'm on my second Hagwon job, and while I enjoy it (unless you're very very cynical, it's hard to find fault with the life of an English teacher here), I'd really like to get a University job next year.

I've read a lot about it on ESL cafe and I realize it's quite competitive, particularly if you want to live in Seoul - and even more so because I only have a Bachelor's degree/CELTA.

Question from a reader: university jobs, TOPIK tests, and TOEFL certifications

A reader writes in:
hi Chris,

i've been reading your blog for a few months now and I found it to be
pretty good...informative, attractive, well-written, unoffensive...

and then i read a few more posts today, many of them back-dated. holy
sh[!]t! your blog is awesome! as a jeollanamdo person, i've been
sweating my a[$$] off thinking of life post-brian in jeollanamdo, but
i'm really glad to find many of the same wonderful features in your
blog (although you'll never win angriest blogger).

anyway, if you have time, I'd love to know your thoughts on a few topics:
1. university jobs - finding them and any other info.
2. TOPIK exam
3. TEFL/TESOL courses

If you don't get around to it, no worries. i'll still be reading your blog.

thanks for providing such a great resource.


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