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Robert Gates’ Final Speech on US Defense Cuts


The Secretary of Defense is on his way out. To my mind, Gates was excellent, although, as Walt notes, coming after Donald Rumsfeld could make anyone look good. Gates, more than any SecDef since the end of the Cold War, has pushed the real ‘transformation’ of DoD – toward restraint and limits.

Crown J is Gangsta!

Big ups to Brian in Jeollanam-Do for the heads up on this story. I couldn’t keep myself from posting about it.

It appears that Korean and American rap artists have more in common than I thought.

Last week,  K-rapper  Crown J was arrested in Seoul for smoking weed during his recent stay in Atlanta, GA, where he was recording songs for an upcoming album release.

Bundled Up

So December is now upon us, and along with an annoying expat Christmas spirit, it has also brought the cold.  For  some, this has meant going on a shopping sprees to secure whatever warm clothing they can find, and for others it has meant pulling out whatever winter gear they were smart enough to bring from home. Either way, Koreans and foreigners alike are layering up in however they see fit.

Not that I’m any different.


A Bronze tom

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This morning my alarm fails to go off but I jolt awake anyways and sit up in a haze of confusion.  True, my dreams were crazy as all hell, and for whatever reason I slept with the window open, causing a cold breeze to sweep through my apartment, but this still doesn’t account for my sudden rise from REM.

'Hagwon' in US Go Korean Style

Here's a wonderful bedtime story for those kids of yours, courtesy of the Korea Times:

For Kay Choi, providing a quality summer education for her two older children meant shelling out at least 10 million won ($9,000) each year. This covered two roundtrip plane tickets to Seoul, two months of ``hagwon'' tuition and an allowance for the high-school students while they stayed with their relatives.

But Choi has different plans for her third child.

She's going with a local Korean academy instead ― not because she's short on money, but because the quality is now finally up to par with her standards.

From late night lessons and walk-in tutors to homework overloads, the school's got it all.


26 Nov 2009, I celebrate Thanksgiving in Korea alone...

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