Ulsan Art Fair

The new cubic centre in downtown Ulsan.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Ulsan Art Fair this past Sunday at the new “Cubic Square” public area in Shinae. I must admit that I felt like I was jumping into to someone else’s project a little bit but I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and friendliness of all those who were a part of the planning and the event itself!

Getting the Shot 17: Weltz Tower

ISO 100, bracketing -2/0/+2, f/16

The Shot: This is your standard traffic shot from above with a few twists. The magic of this shot comes from the post processing. Dues to the fact that I got up to the roof late, I had to employ a few tricks to get the shot the way that I wanted. Other than that, it is a great example of a rooftop shot in Ulsan.

Getting the Shot 16: Fire in the Sky

iso 100 bracketing -2/0/+2 F/4

The Shot: This was a shot that I could just feel in my bones, even before the sky flared up. I just knew that it was going to be a great night for photography. Trouble was finding the right place to get a good shot from. The key to this shot is the reflection. Thus, I centred the horizon in the middle of the frame which can be a compositional “no-no” but I feel that anytime you shoot reflections like this it balances the fram a lot more.

To Strap or Not to Strap


Lately, I have been shooting without a strap to see what the difference is and because I took it off a while ago and just was too lazy to put one back on. At first, I liked the freedom as I was always wrapping my strap around my hand. For the longest time the strap just seemed like it was getting in the way. However recently, I have felt like I needed it a bit more. At any rate, I am curious as to what everyone else uses.

Here are my pros and cons of the strap:


  • Helps with changing lenses
  • Takes the load off
  • can carry extra memory cards
  • frees up your hands


Getting the Shot 15: On the Roof

An HDR of the Taehwa River Grand Park

Back in the old days you could pretty much stroll into any new apartment and not encounter any sort of static. You may have gotten a few stares but that was mostly people thinking “I don’t remember any waygooks living here?” However, these days the ultra modern apartments now have modern coded-entry systems and guards that actually do more than sleep and watch TV.

Out with the Guys

The other night I had a great night out with a couple of great photographers, James Pawlowski and Ben Hobson  At any rate, it was great to be standing on top of a building near the petro chemical complex with two great photographers.

Buddha’s Birthday Review

I love this time of year. I am not Buddhist but I do feel a great sense of calm when I am at temples, but sadly depending on the time you go, calm might not be achieved. However, this year I had a really great experience and even a personal tour of Junggwangsa.

Where to Shoot: The Jujeon Coast

I must admit at times I really wonder who created the “12 scenic Sights of Ulsan” as some areas fall short of the mark. One being the view of the petrochemical complex at night. You can find that one on the top of Muryongsan, yet the view is kilometers away and not exactly the one they picture. With that being said, the Jujeon Coast and the Black Pebble Beach is quite nice.

Not What I was Expecting

As I posted yesterday, I “was” going out to get some shots of the cherry blossoms around Ulsan. I was, really… I was. However, after having a most amazing lunch with my wife and then some coffee, just as the sun was getting about right we saw black smoke. Initially we went to investigate but it was too far away to get to in the time that we had. However, after dropping off my wife, I did what any photographer with a 70-200mm f/2.8 in his bag would do… go check it out.

Where to Shoot! Weekend Edition

For this first post for what I hope to be a great series, I am going to give you a sort of mission and a place (if you are close by) to try and shoot. If you get something good, I will post if on next weeks edition. At any rate, the blossoms have sprung down here in Ulsan I am off to try and get some great shots. It is such an amazing time, but I think that these precious little flowers have been over shot in the typical sense. So your mission for this weekend is to check out the blossoms and find a new creative angle to shoot.

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