The Beautiful Days National Geographic Exhibition

National Geographic Exhibition

One of the rare treats that we get here in Ulsan is that every once in a while the National Geographic  Exhibition comes through town. This is a really great show as you get to see the beauty of nature through the lenses of some of National Geographic’s best photographers.

For me, it is a chance to gain inspiration. I am not one to shoot birds or animals but there is a whole section for landscape images that was really impressive. Some of the photos have been recycled from previous exhibitions but overall there are some very stunning images to be seen and of course no photography is allowed in the exhibit.

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2013 Ulsan


The day is finally coming up and I hope that everyone is ready. If you haven’t registered yet please do. The reason for registering is simply to be eligible for the prizes from Scott Kelby and that is pretty much it. So, if you don’t feel like submitting your info, you don’t have to. If you are competitive and want to submit your photos into the main photo contest then I believe that you are obligated to. At any rate, What I want is for everyone to come out and have a good time.

Red Sky


Some times you just have to drop what you are doing and get out of your house to get some shots. This was one of those nights. My wife and I were sitting down for a nice dinner and the skies just lit up. I must admit it was hard to concentrate. I kept telling myself that” it wasn’t that good and it will fade away soon” However, the skies just got better and better.

Ulsan World Music Fest

Now I know this isn’t technically a Busan event… but it’s close enough and the amount of overseas talent onstage is alarming. There will be folk music from all corners of the world, reggae, disco, hip-hop, jazz. Sometimes, the absence of outside culture here gets to me and I yearn for something different to stretch my brain around. This festival seems designed to do just that.

The Castle Sunset: Making the Best of the Time that you Have

sunset over Ulsan South Korea with clouds and bright colours.

One of the best things about living in a “regular” apartment in Korea is that I actually get to see the sky. For the past many years I have the luxury of watching the man of the 2nd floor of the adjacent building smoke cigarettes and spit. Sadly, for a landscape photographer this makes judging the skies a little difficult.

Jean-Marc Lalonde Sports Day Fundraiser

photo to raise funds for the family of jean-Marc Lalonde

This framed photo will be auctioned off to help raise funds for the family of Jean-Marc Lalonde

Where the Engineer People Live

Seaside village in Ulsan, South Korea

Working primarily as an English teacher and spending most of the last 10 years living in a one-room bachelor pad is all part of my life here in Korea. However, it is easy to think that that is how all of the other expats live in this country. The shock is when you live in a place like Ulsan where not everyone you know is a teacher and not everyone lives in a tiny one-room bachelor pad.

The Palace

building construction black and white

One of the buildings in the area being built back in 2007

One of the tragedies of Ulsan’s housing boom was the numerous “busts” that came when the prices of apartments exceeded what people were willing to pay. One of those was the Palace D’Sante or whatever it is being called now. In 2007, it popped up along the street next to two other high-rise apartments. These were to be the future of living in Ulsan. However, due to the changing markets and no doubt some shifty backdoor deals, it stood completed but empty for many years.

The Ulsan Museum: Improving on your Past

The Ulsan Museum at night with dark blue sky and reflection

Years ago, I took some shots of the, then, new museum in Ulsan. Over the following years, I have upgraded my camera and changed how I edit my images. Thus, I have been wanted to go back and retake some of my shots.It is always a good idea to return to places with a new perspective of sorts so that  you can greatly improve your photos.

Playing with Patterns


When ever I look at a landscape often a pattern will pop up or a break in the pattern that I see before me. Recently, I started playing around with a lot of the cityscapes that I have been taking and then testing out this quest for patterns elsewhere in my photographic travels.


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