Harry Potter: The Boy Who Taught English in South Korea

Back when you first decided you wanted to come to South Korea, breaking the news about your teaching-aspirations to your family was very emotional.

Tongdosa: Pine Trees Dancing in The Wind


Few places get to me as much as Tongdosa. I have always been a big fan of this place even before I came to Korea. I remember reading about it in a Lonely Planet although I can’t find it on their site. At any rate, I have been visiting here for over 10 years. When my parents came here they really wanted to see this place too and it is a great memory that I have of their trip here.

Ganjeolgot Cape Beauty

Toolbox (툴박스) 2nd is absolutely best burger place in Korea. I...

Toolbox (툴박스) 2nd is absolutely best burger place in Korea. I even fantasize about traveling to Ulsan just to experience one more bun and patty combination.


I am currently in Ulsan city, participating in a summer programme called SPIKE at Ulsan National University of Science & Technology, UNIST. I never thought that I would participate in any summer programme because I am already in my last semester.

Ulsan really looks different from other cities in Seoul. The university that I am staying in is surrounded by mountains. I think we ARE on a mountain.

NUS is not a partner university yet, so we have to pay for school fees and dorms. Students from partner universities like Uni of Michigan, HKUST etc do not have to pay for this programme.

It is a growing university so most of the facilities are still new. It is conveniently located less than 30minutes away from Ulsan KTX Station and there is a bus inside the school.

Junggwangsa Temple 2014

The Story of…Sujeongsa Temple


 Inside the elaborate and colourful main hall at Sujeongsa Temple in Ulsan.

Hello Again Everyone!!

Sujeongsa Temple was recommended to me by a friend. He glowingly spoke about the temple and its double Samseong-gak (a shrine hall inside a shrine hall). It only took us a couple drive-bys and misses to finally spot the unmarked turn-off to the temple. Up a long and narrow one lane road, we finally arrived at the end of the road and the temple at the same time.

Sinbulsan and Jakgwaecheon

Shinbulsan_Jakgwacheon (12 of 19)

I have been itching to get out to shoot something these days but the weather has been less than great. With the unusual amount of snow that we had here in Ulsan, it left the skies grey and boring. Worse was now most of the snow has left leaving a dead muddy landscape. With my new camera taunting me I had to get out.

Daeboreum of the Past

daeborum (19 of 21)

I didn’t make it out to last Friday’s Daeboreum Festival as my wife is more important to me than photographing a burning pile of sticks for the umpteenth time. At any rate, here are some shots from the past. Sadly I don’t see many people doing Jibulnori, or swinging buckets of fire which I always like watching. I think that it may be a good thing as I don’t think that it is too safe. At any rate, this is one of my favourite festivals and I really want to get out to the Jeju Festival some time. This year is it is taking place on March 7th to the 9th

Goodbye Jin Jang Middle School

last day (5 of 9)

Friday was my last day at Jin Jang Middle School here in Ulsan. It was a weird day as I went through a wide range of emotions but overall I feel that I am better off starting a new chapter in my life. I took my camera around the halls while the students were in class or heading home to pay the school one last somber tribute.

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