Gold Wings English School

Gold Wings English School offers one-on-one and small class instruction in English grammar, presentation, reading, testing, and conversation.  We employ both native Korean and English speakers.  We also utilize Skype for distance classes.

We can tailor classes for higher-level English instruction, such as English literature, essay writing, and business conversation.

Please visit us at our website - - for additional information.

Certified Translator or Translation Service in or near Busan

I am registering my son's birth with the Canadian consulate, but one important form is not available in English (from any Korean government office at all, apparently) - it is the 가족관계증명서 (family relations certificate). I need to include this document, with a translation from a certified translator and some kind of affidavit to verify the translation. 

Where do I find this "certified translator"? My internet searches have not proven fruitful, so I was wondering if anyone here has gone through this and can point me in the right direction.

The Lingo

It occurred to me during the radio show I did recently that I could do to provide you all with a list of words and phrases commonly used in the sauna. I will put the English meaning first, then the Korean characters, lastly my best spelling in Roman characters for pronunciation.

Please keep in mind that there are standard romanizations but not everyone sticks to them and they may be different from what I provide, so if you see rominized Korean printed somewhere it may be slightly different. (Such as the spelling of jjimjilbang/zzimzilbang, jeon/jun, Busan/Pusan, and so on. A special note is that "u" really shouldn't be used since it could sould like either "eo" or "oo" but it's often used anyway.)


MoTranslation is an experienced translating team who translates into Korean and English.  We use native speakers for proofreading to ensure quality work.  Five years of translating experience, and counting!

We translate:







We specialize in medical documents, and have also translated contracts, web pages, and even entire books. 

Email us at for a free price quote.

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