The Weekend Warrior’s Guide to… Tokyo

Tokyo: a neon wonderland of might skyscrapers, solemn Shinto shrines, and serene parks. The samurai, sumo, robots, videogames, capsule hotels, anime, sushi and everything a Japanophile could ever want are right here in the capital. For the weekend warrior with only 48 precious hours to ramble through the world’s most populated city, time is of the essence. This guide will see you through.

A Weekend Warrior: A person who holds a regular job during the week which restricts their ability to party / go on trips / partake in awesome activities, and thus plans epic weekend adventures to compensate.” – Urban Dictionary

Marathoning Japan – Four Cities in Five Days


On the journey back to my tiny apartment home in Daegu, my eyelids were leaden, various leg muscles were pulled, and I lethargically guessed what subway line to take to get back. Five days in Japan had chewed me up and spat me out. But with a pocketful of strange coins, and many warm, beautiful memories, despite my weariness I looked up into the sky over Korea spiritually satiated. My gaze has become a little more wizened from my travels further east. So take some time to tie your shoelaces a little tighter, I’ll take you on my sprint through Japan one more time.


Volunteering in Japan

I’m finally back with some posting, traveling and blogging is HARD, so, all those Travel bloggers out there: I respect you even more now.

I should start by writing about the WorkCamp we (me and my sister) did in Hanawa aka Hanawa City, it was a 2 weeks Work Camp where we were going to “Make Toros (Paper Lanterns) with children from the community”, yup, that’s the catch of the camp, I thought we would be working with the children for those 2 weeks and it turned out different….


Korean Student
One of my naughtiest, yet favourite students at Winter Camp
I started this post yesterday with high suspicions that the weather had taken a turn for the better and it was starting to get warmer here in Busan, but it looks like I was being overly optimistic. Today it's pouring down with rain and I have had to teach the whole morning with pitifully soggy feet. Sad face.

Japan: Tokyo

We'd booked to catch the overnight bus from Osaka to Tokyo, which took about 12 hours. We were a little bleary eyed that day as it was New Years Day, so it was a good job that we decided to leave the hotel at 12 to try and find the spot where the bus would leave from at 9:30 that night. The information that we were given is that it would leave from Kansai University Hospital, and the man in the hotel gave us plenty of information on how to get there.

A couple of trains later and we were in what felt like a post apocalyptic movie, where the only person who had survived was the station master. The streets were dead and all of the small shops were shuttered. The station master pointed straight ahead for the hospital, and as we looked at the maps we realised that it was a small village just filled with university hospitals. The bus left from outside the Family Mart, but try as we may we couldn't find one anywhere.

Turning Japanese

**By the time I wrote this, in September, this blog post was already outdated as I visited Japan during my summer vacation in August. For some reason I never got round to posting it…until now. Behold! A post about my trip to Tokyo, five months late.**

If you’ve learned anything about me by reading this blog, chances are it’s that I am incredibly behind when posting about events in my life. If you’re still reading this blog you probably don’t care though, and for that I am glad. Here’s another belated post for your perusal….don’t expect anything groundbreaking, it’s pretty much just a day to day account of my summer holiday.

More Tokyo

Goth girl in Tokyo


Mello in Roppongi, Tokyo


Journeying in Japan… Part 2, Tokyo

After the culture of Kyoto we boarded the bullet train to Tokyo. Bullet trains are fast. The KTX in Korea is quick but the bullet trains, especially the Nozomi, (The Japanese have six kinds of bullet train) are rapid. It takes a mere two hours and twenty minutes to travel the 462.8km from Kyoto to Tokyo. So little a distance the Japanese couldn’t be bothered to rename the cities properly and just shuffled the letters around.

5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Accessories Edition

 I have never been one to wear tons and tons of jewelry, but recently it seems I've been stocking up on some really cute things both in Korea, and in Japan.

Even thought I wasn't there very long, and I loved everything I saw, I will say my favorite place in Tokyo was hands-down Harajuku.  While I was there, I bought some awesome accessories and wanted to share the cuteness.  The majority of today's Awesomely Awesome Things I found in Harjuku, and some other things along the way.

1. The Sweet Escape

5 Awesomely Awesome Things

I know I said big things are coming, and they are, they're just a little slower than I had hoped.

In the mean time, I am going to introduce a something new that is a bit smaller than the big things coming down the line.

To make Mondays a bit happier I am introducing a new weekly series of Awesome Things.  Everyone loves awesome things, so I decided to share some things in the world that  I find particularly awesome.

This week is inspired by Japan, the Olympics, and other cool stuff.

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