Daehan Soondubu Makgeolli Salon (대한순두부 막걸리 쌀롱)

Name: Daehan Soondubu Makgeolli Salon (대한 순두부 막걸리 쌀롱) Location: Gwangwhamun Reviewed by: Mamas and papas on March 1st, 2014 Thoughts:  In the basement of a commercial building, Daehan Soondubu is […]

Panko and Coconut Crusted Tofu by Joanna Tambakis



Tofu-2 blocks of firm, frozen tofu.

******I like to freeze tofu beforehand and then take it out of the freezer the night before allowing it to dethaw at room temperature. Freezing the tofu will make its texture denser. An added bonus is that the tofu will be easier to work with when you have to squeeze excess moisture out after unthawing.*******

For the tofu marinade:

  • 1/4 cup tamari or soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup water to thin the marinade
  • Juice of 1 lime or lemon
  • pinch salt
  • pinch garlic powder
  • pinch ginger powder

For the crispy batter:

Vietnamese Inspired Spicy Vegetables

Vietnamese Inspired Spicy Vegetables

There was no time to waste. Having learnt to cook fragrant vegan Vietnamese cuisine in Hoi An, I was eager to recreate the flavors in my Korean apartment. Studying the scrappy piece of paper with notes scrawled back and front, I was able to decipher my favourite recipe and blow my friends away with this dish designed to tempt the most committed carnivore.

Spicy Vegetables {Vegan}

Mushroom and Tofu Patties

Mushroom and Tofu Patties

Premonitions about Vietnamese food had led me to believe that anything and everything that had a heartbeat would be listed on the menu. I didn’t believe the cuisine of Vietnam could be as succulent as its history.  But after a week spent in the city of Hoi An I was proved quite wrong.

Vietnamese food, I discovered relies heavily on vegetables and flavours more than any other country I can think of.  Coriander and cumin, lemongrass and lime, soy sauce and Saigon cinnamon, the range of flavours is quite stifling, but completely intoxicating.

Below is a simple and easy to make recipe of some Vietnamese Vegan patties.

Easy {Vegan} Quiche From Scratch

When you think of a quiche you probably imagine a dozen eggs and a ton of cholesterol. Think again. This vegan take on a classic is healthy, simple and versatile. It still contains all the vegetables you remember but in place of eggs I use blended tofu, lemon juice and peanut butter (who knew?). Mix it up by including vegan meat or vegan cheese and an array of vegetables to suit your palate.

The Vegg – Scramble ‘Egg’ & Tofu

The Vegg – Scramble ‘Egg’ & Tofu Recipe

The Vegg is out and tickling taste buds around the world. The Vegg looks and tastes just like a hens egg. It has a creamy texture and smells super yolky. Expect to see a lot of pictures from me using the Vegg in a variety of recipes over the next few weeks as I push the limits of this gem.

To test the Vegg I tried it in one of my favourite egg based dishes – Scrambled ’Eggs’. I have eaten scrambled tofu for breakfast before but even when it’s seasoned the same as hens eggs, it is lacking the creamy full flavor that an egg yolk offers.

Kimchi For the Soul

There’s nothing like kimchi stew on a winter’s day!

Start with kimchi – that’s the hardest part – and add some uncurdled tofu, chicken, chili pepper paste, onions, garlic, and diced chili peppers. Serve with rice. Enjoy!

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Supermarket Sweep

Korea, of course, has supermarkets to cater for the needs of consumers. The average supermarket puts some western ones to shame with the diverse array of products that it will have in stock. Everything from pizza to peondaeggi (silkworm larvae), tampons to Tiger Balm, plus a wide range of furniture, foods, clothes and electronics fill the shelves and the aisles.

However, unlike a trip to a supermarket in the western hemisphere, in Korea it’s considered a family outing. All walks of life are seen there, from the toddler to the ajuma, a woman of a certain age.

Rarely do you find an out-of-town site dedicated to a superstore, you are more likely to come across one tucked in amongst residential and commercial buildings.

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