times square

New York, the tourist’s trap.

Click to view slideshow.All the van doors locked shut as the chunky-looking woman approached wanting dollars in exchange for favours. Sitting in the back seat of a dark blue van with Super Shuttle painted in bright yellow on the sides, we were a magnet to everything that was left out of the New York guide book. The driver rejected her advances by aggressively pulling away and continuing to the airport. We had just left behind another side of New York that we were unable to cram into our visit.

As a first-timer in New York City, what would you do?

That question plagued my mind as our bus pulled into 42nd Street, Manhattan
and continued for the rest of the day as we ran across the city in an attempt to sort
out a ‘same-day 10 year Indian Visa’, which although we didn’t know it, would take 48

Times Square Mall - All your shopping needs under one roof!

Here in Korea I've noticed a bit of a trend starting to emerge. They seem to like naming things after famous American hot spots. Yeouido is referred to as Korea's Manhattan, there's Rodeo after the famous Rodeo Drive and there is Times Square a mall in the south west of Seoul.

Although they don't really bare much resemblance to their namesakes they are all great places worth visiting.

Heavy Rain ~ AGAIN!

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

So I thought the rainy season was done and dusted for this year. It had seemed long enough anyway but after a few days of sun a huge storm has hit Seoul.

I'd been visiting the National Museum of Korea yesterday and was lucky enough to have an umbrella with me when the rain began. Although the umbrella wasn't much use in the end because as you might already know when it rains here, it pours! I got well and truly soaked. Pretty much my head to toe was wet. It wasn't my prettiest moment I have to say.

Then this morning I was actually woken up by the thunder it was so loud. It seems to have been raining throughout the night and from what I read on the Internet this morning this rainy season has broken some records.

Seoul has received over 838mm (33inches) this July and about 400mm of that has fallen yesterday.

Is Korea Safe?

As tensions rise between the North and South, foreigners question if it’s safe to travel or live in South Korea.

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