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If you are a teacher or someone who is in Korea and spends a lot of time on forums, then you no doubt have heard of The site has been extremely popular in the last several months. The community is trying to be a positive influence and help teachers with everything from lesson plans to how to use your bank card.

Recently a Flickr group was put together by Zeegs to promote the works of photographers from In a matter of days, the group has climbed in numbers and submissions. There is a healthy group of photographers in Korea, so I hope that they continue to grow.

My 40 Photos

So the other day I wrote about an assignment to shoot 40 shots using a single lens and no zoom. I must admit, I really was happy with the response as a number of people commented about taking up the challenge and I look forward to seeing the result. I found this assignment very fun and challenging. Like they said on D-Town TV, it does get challenging to come up with different shots after you shoot about 20 or so frames.

For this project I chose a traditional Korean sword that I got when I was training in the Korean Martial art of Kuk Sool Won. This is a single-edged straight blade, unlike the more curved Japanese-style swords that most people are familiar with. It also has the traditional mother of pearl inlay on the “kal-jib” or scabbard which is particularly like.

40 shot assignment

Have you have stuck on a prime lens and forced yourself to strictly use it with out reaching for the wide-angle or your telephoto? Have you ever taken 40 different shots of the same subject using the same lens? Ready for a challenge?

I was recently watching D-Town TV and they gave out an assignment for their final episode of the season. The assignment is to shoot 40 different pictures of a single subject. That is not for an event or of a place… just a single subject.  Also zooming is not allowed, you must lock-down the zoom or use a prime lens.

So lets take a Korean spin on this and try and shoot 40 different shots of a Korean subject. Think about things that define the Korean Culture, choose one and photograph it. The ideas coming of the top of my head are:

Gwangju News is Looking for Photographers

Talented photographer Mark Eaton posted today about the Gwangju News needs photographers to submit photos for a 2-page layout showcasing the photographers work. This is a great way to get exposure for you photography and to get your work printed.

The Gwangju News is looking for about 10-15 photos from the photographer for consideration and that is it! Now for those that are doubtful that their work is good enough, just think to yourself “what do I have to lose?” NOTHING. Then ask yourself “What do I have to gain?” Exposure, confidence in your work, satisfaction that your passion has got on the pages of a print publication that is read by many people… Thats enough for me!

Submissions can be sent to

Buddha’s Birthday 2011

It is almost that time of year when the beautiful temples of Korea decorate themselves for Buddha’s birthday. This is one of my favorite times of the year. From the lantern festivals to the beautifully lit temples that light up not only the cities but the forest and mountains as well.

So what are you going to do?

Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul This is a huge event that draws thousand of people every year to watch the parade and view the lanterns. Every year I see many great shots come out of this festival. For more information, click the link above or here for the KTO’s write up on it

Cheongdo Bull Fighting 2011

This past weekend was the yearly Bull Fights in Cheongdo a smaller city in Gyeongsanbukdo. I have attended this event for many years but have missed it recently. Upon my return, I noticed that the site was greatly improved and the venue was amazing!

The city has constructed a new stadium specifically for the event in recent years which makes the whole festival that much more enjoyable! From restaurants to art exhibitions they had it all. It is truly a good time. Sadly, I was called away this year and had to leave shortly after I got there.

Seoul International Photo & Imaging 2011 TOURS


I got an email today from the organizers of the Seoul Photo & Imaging Show that I wrote about earlier and it seems that they are offering 2 tours. The first is a Seoul City tour with stops at Gyeongbok Palace, The National Folk Museum, Insa-Dong, and the Seven Luck Casino. The tour costs 10,000 won and starts at 9 am and will start from COEX.

The other tour is a trip to the Korean Camera Museum and then a Korean BBQ dinner. The Trip will cost a heft 75,000 won and I am sure that it will be an amazing dinner for that price. The tour will start from COEX at 4 pm. All tours will happen on Friday, April 22nd.

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