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Take me out to the Ballgame

On the eve of the home opener in Seoul, I figured a good Throwback Thursday would be to good times at the ol’ ball-game in Busan.  I’ve been an avid Blue Jays fan ever since I can remember.  I have fragmented memories of sitting in my Aunt’s and Uncle’s living room watching a big game snuggled up with my parents.  I also remember being down by the SkyDome (yes, it was still the SkyDome in those days and will forever be called the SkyDome in my vernacular) where I think my Mom and Dad bought a few sweatshirts celebrating the victories of 1992/1993 back to back World Series Champs.  I wear one of those sweatshirts just about every Sunday night when I Skype my parents.

Gamcheon Cultural Village - Different perspectives

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

I hope everybody's having a great time! Because of my lack of Halloween parties to attend this year I decided to treat myself to a sugar skull makeover on Picmonkey. Give it a try if you have some time to kill! Here is mine. I really want to try the zombie makeover too. The original photo I used was a sulky face I was pulling from our mountain hike at the weekend. I did feel like death on the way down.
Sugar Skull face

Busan's Seaside Temple


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