Destination: Pagyesa (Daegu)

As part of Palgongsan Provincial Park, Pagyesa is one of many destinations spread out across the mountain. First built in 804 by a priest named Simji (not Simba, you Lion King obsessed reader), it was renovated in 1605 by priest Gyegwan and 1695 by priest Hyeoneung. With several Daegu Tangible Cultural Properties, 17 buildings and a lot of karma, it's worth the uphill trek to reach. Just don't bring a backpack full of stuff with you - even after the bus reaches the parking lot it's a hike of 1.1 kilometers. Uphill.

October 2009 calendar of events

For better or worse, quite a few festivals have been canceled due to swine flu fears or financial considerations. This makes it hard to keep up with which events are still on and which ones have been canceled - therefore, double-check to ensure things are still on before making the trip.

Compiling a list of events is necessarily a community-oriented endeavor, thus I attempt to give credit where credit is due. Special thanks go to 10 Magazine and Korea4expats.com for their work in compiling more events than have been listed below.

Destination: Bomunsa

Correction: The Bomun order is Korea's only order of Buddhist nuns (HT to Gomushin Girl), not Asia's. See the comments for more.

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