South Korea Adventure #17- Jirisan National Park 지리산

I have wanted to go to Jirisan for awhile now. I had marked it as a trip tp do for awhile. My original plan was to stay a night out there and make it a weekend. That did not workout, but we managed to get to the mountain by just after 1pm. We has stopped in Uiryeong for lunch. there was an election going on. So there was canditates everywhere, people dancing and the cow. Later we saw the cow in the market, which is the opening of the video. The hiking was great. After leaving Jirisan we rode to Jinju. On the way I stupidly ran out of gas. We had to go back and get some gas. From Jinju we got back to Busan in an hour and a half. We really rode fast. It is about 120km. With a couple spot through some towns. We go lucky with some green lights and only hit one traffic jam, which lasted for about 5km. I also know a shortcut. There is a bridge that lets you cut around Masan. You are not actually supposed to go over by motorcycle.

South Korea Adventure #15- Uiryeong 의령

I have travelled to a lot of places in South Korea. So now I am tending to go to more and more lesser know spots. Once again I had a great day. The last few trip have felt funner than most of the trips I have done. The video is also getting much better. I went back and looked at some older video the other day. I could see points where the videos have gotten much better. I feel that this another one of those times. I think this last video is a real jump up. I also got some recognition for my latest video and was names September filmmaker of the month at Trip Films. The site is a great place to check out travel video. Also it has me on the front page so it must be pretty fantastic! http://www.tripfilms.com/ Hope you enjoy the video!

Destination: Sambul-am / Mangwolsa (Namsan, Gyeongju)

Author's note: A huge thanks and shout-out to Sherwin over at www.gyeongjublog.com for showing the Lady in Red and I around during our visit.

Destination: Manbulsa (Yeongcheon city, Gyeongsangbuk-do)

Author's note: A hat tip to Sherwin at gyeongjublog.com for writing about this temple first.

Destination: the biggest Buddha in Korea (Nammireuksa, Gangjin, Jeollanam-do)

Author's note: A hat tip goes to Brian in Jeollanam-do for discovering this place and sharing it with the K-blogosphere.

The middle of nowhere seems the best place to place a Buddhist temple. Far away from the distractions of the world and sounds of the city is this fine example, neatly divided into two sections for your viewing pleasure. The first half seems a bit older compared with the immaculate condition of the second half - and the connecting road is a bit... incongruous.

Destination: Geumgang Park / Hyujeongam (Busan)

Author's note: As a general rule, I don't usually write a 'Destination' about the same place twice (see my previous post on Geumgang Park). My last visit being two years and two cameras ago, I found some parts of this park that I haven't previously visited. Hope you enjoy.

Destination: Ulleungdo (part 2)

If you haven't read part one yet, read it first before continuing!

Where we left off, I had gone back to my hotel to relax and freshen up. After awhile, I headed down to the harbor for some dinner (PROTIP: don't bother - it's overpriced) and see what sort of night life the locals enjoyed:

While I couldn't tell they do this every night, the trio of saxophonists seemed pretty comfortable on the harbor's stage.

Destination: Jangam / Suraksan (Uijeongbu)

The Lady in Red and I decided to see what there was at the northern end of Seoul's line 7 subway. Although the immediate surroundings were less than impressive, an area across the street held some promise - a crab and a couple brown signs, commonly used for tourist or natural sights.

As it turns out, Jangam station is the perfect place to see Suraksan, or Mt. Surak as a Westerner might call it. Not to be confused with Seoraksan, the National Park in Gangwon-do offering a month's worth of hiking, Suraksan is an easy day trip from anywhere in Seoul.

Destination: Seokguram Grotto (Gyeongju)

Destination: Bulguksa temple (Gyeongju)

Author's note: A version of this story has been published on 10 Magazine's website.

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