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Beomeosa Temple

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Established in the year 678, Beomeosa is probably the most important Buddhist temple in Busan. And with its location in the foothills of Mt. Geumjeongsan, it’s certainly among the most beautiful. Entering the complex is like stepping into another world, one more sacred and peaceful.

Happy Buddha's Birthday Busan

Since it is still Buddha's Birthday for another hour or so, I decided to share with you a few pictures from a couple of the Buddhist temples around Busan. 

Right now Korea is covered with beautiful lanterns for the occasion

Part of me wishes I could decorate my house with them, they look so festive. 

This one is obviously my favorite.  I just love the bright beautiful colors.

Not So Hidden Beauty

For the past week or so, for one reason or another, I've been playing the role of tour guide for a few people around Busan. 
In that time of sightseeing and guiding, I've been reminded how amazingly beautiful the artwork in Korean Buddhist temples can be.  Yes the statues are almost always impressive and stunning, but the small details and tiny flowers painted up in the high reaches of the ceiling always seem to be my favorite.  Like they're hidden gems of beauty just waiting for you to discover them.

Ulsan, from a kite - Temple

Ulsan, from a kite - Temple

I took this photo from a camera suspended from a kite line in Haksung Park, Ulsan.

A day at the temple

temple at dalmaji

new traditions

Let's hop on a boat and head into town stopping at ancient temples along the way, with a colorful group of new friends and watch the spectacular fireworks over the Bangkok skylne from the best seat in the city. Sounds like a NYE that will not soon be forgotten.

Gyeongju II: Hiking Namsan & Other Soul Satisfying Fare

Our day trip begins at a traditional restaurant that had obligingly opened early to accommodate our group of six. As soon as we settle down onto the floor mats, side dishes (called banchan, 반찬) and mountain vegetable bibimbap (sanchae bibimbap, 산채 비빔밥) mix-ins start arriving on our table. This will be our fuel during the all-day hike ensuing right after breakfast.  Today is devoted to conquering Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju.

Destination: a full day of Jeju (Jeju-do) – part 3 of 3

Meet Oedolgae, Jusangjeolli, Cheonjaeyeon, Jungmun Saekdal Beach, Sanbanggulsa, and Loveland – all in the same day.

The nice part of going on a guided tour is the ability to meet with like-minded travelers, visit a bunch of places, and (perhaps nicest of all), not have to think about how you’re going from A to B. As a (usually) independent traveler, that last point is nice to take a break from every now and then. The schedule on many a guided tour is tighter than I’d personally like, but that’s the tradeoff at play. In any case, it was a beautiful day at some of Jeju’s most beautiful places.

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