2012 WKB Tour - Day 1

Hi everyone!, as you know last week I traveled to Korea for a tour among other WKB bloggers,  first I would like to thank KOCIS (KoreaNet) for inviting us on this wonderful trip and for recognizing our work as bloggers :)

A special thanks to Suh, Jeong Sun (Director – Global Command Contents), Han Jeon, Cathy and Grace for such a warm welcome!

Ancient Cities: Tikal

We were woken minutes from Tikal to the screams of ‘Monkey!’. A man, who we later found to be an employable tour guide, was frantically jumping around, wildly gesticulating and shouting excitedly at us from the front of the bus. As we waited for his next animal impression, ahead of us a family of howler monkeys were crossing the road. The five furry mammals were marching in unison with their long black tails tucked in a tight spiral. The driver slowed down so as not to disturb them and we watched in wonder as they disappeared one by one from view into the thick jungle.

We ditched the poor charades player at the first opportunity as he was demanding more than we were willing to pay for his services. Leaving him to entertain the other guests we set off on our own.

Ancient Cities: Chichen Itza

Of the three Mayan cities we were to visit over the next two weeks, Chichen Itza was the most desirable. For us the iconic temple was a figurehead for Mayan civilisation. Based in Mexico’s Yucatan province, the UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the more popular ancient ruins, with over a million people visiting the thousand-year old city every year.

However, despite our high-expectations, standing in-front of El Castillo at Chichen Itza had us surprisingly unfulfilled. A few feet away was part of an ancient major city, a famous landmark of the Mayan empire and an overrated tourist attraction.

Yonggungsa Temple

One of the most beautiful temples here in Busan is the Yunggungsa Temple. I really wanted to surprise Adam with a day trip to some new place. So, I sneakily wrote down the directions (see the post it) but my totally thoughtless self went to take a picture of Adam and well, needless to say he saw the post it and I ruined the surprise and we had a good laugh. (I am really bad at keeping surprises a secret, so we had just been talking about how good I was doing when the post it appeared.

More Black & White | Busan, South Korea

Buddhist Shrine Art in Busan


Busan Buddhist Artwork


Black & White | Busan, South Korea

A temple guardian monster in Busan


Art at shrine temple in Busan


Temple Structure | Busan, South Korea

Temple building in central Busan


Samgwangsa Temple | Busan, South Korea

Painting in Buddhist Temple in Busan


Busan Samgwangsa Temple Art


More Samgwangsa Temple | Busan, South Korea

Art inside Samgwangsa Temple


Samgwangsa Temple | Busan, South Korea

Busan's Buddhist Samgwangsa Temple


Buddhist Temple Samgwangsa - Busan


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