When in Seoul ... Dinner with Dance Performance !

As I'm rather short on time these days, here's some brief information about an amazing restaurant in Seoul that serves a fine full table of vegetarian Korean food with all the tables around an open area in the center where, while you eat there are several dance performances. I highly recommend it for a special night out in Seoul.

Here's a Korean language Naver Blog post about it. Dinner is, I believe 45,000won a person but it is well worth it ! Also you need at least 5 people in a group to make a reservation although I think they do make exceptions for 3-4 people possibly... I have put the location on my tea map as well.
Best wishes and do stay steeped !

An alley away from the busy streets of Insadong is a quaint tea...

An alley away from the busy streets of Insadong is a quaint tea house with small birds by the windows and goldfish in shallow bowls. The Shin Old Tea House (신옛찻집) is hard to find and often crowded, but a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. 

Hours: 10am-11pm

Address: 33-1, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 인사동길 33-1 (관훈동)

Directions: Short walk from Anguk Subway Station (Line 3) exit 6.

Raise Your Pinky If You Would Care For An Afternoon Tea !

Here's a brief review of two of the few British style afternoon tea services on offer here in Busan. There is one more out there I am told but I have yet to find it...Once I do I shall pin it on the map as I have all the others (including the others to be read of below).

It's no occident : for more Orientation do see the Tea Treasure Map of Busan.

Park Hyatt Hotel  (Centum)
Come on up to the 30th Floor for a fine Afternoon Tea : Coffee or tea and a three tiered tray of savories (scones pastries etc.) (Extra charge for Champagne).

Afternoon Tea is served Mon-Sat 2-6pm Sun 3-6pm
Reservations and information : +82 51 990 1300. 
Do call and check the price as it's been awhile since I'd been there.

One building with Two teashops: Someyeon's NC Department Store

In the last few years Someyeon's then Milliore Department store had been doing rather poorly. It was a great place for getting discounts on clothes and bags. It has since changed to NC Department store and right from its opening day it has been a busy place. Now it sells more upscale clothing items and it also has 2 teashops inside as well.  NC Department store is located east of Someyeon's main rotary intersection and is open from 10:30am-10pm. It can be found on my Tea Treasure Map of Busan (which also now has been updated to include Gwangali's Japanese Tea Ceremony store).

A New Starbucks-Like Teahouse : Seomyeon

A rather excellent teahouse has opened up right in the center at the heart of Busan's downtown area of Someyeon!

O'Sulloc Teahouse in Nampodong Market

In case you haven't noticed O'Sulloc Teahouse / Teashop has opened in Nampodong market.

Its right along the famous Gwangbok Street (the narrow winding one way street for cars with alot of walking room on the sides).

Prices are quite good and their green teas are excellent!

Here's a great and more detailed post about O'Sulloc's Nampodong Location from Sereni Tea Time

Someyeon's Vegetarian Tea House DaJeon 다전

 5 Years ago I was wandering around Busan's busy downtown area Someyeon when to my surprise I happened upon a sign for a traditional teahouse. The sign was small and the tea house on the 4th floor. Upon ascending the flights of stairs I came to the 4th floor which was essentially the roof ! On the roof was a house which was the DaJeon tea house. Da Jeon in English is Tea Field (They used the Chinese characters).

The tea house has been there for many years now and although hard to find, is quite popular with Busan's vegans in the know as it has a very delicious vegetarian menu. While quieter on the weekdays, there is a steady flow of patrons on the weekends.

Gwangali TeaHouse Okada

 Spring is here and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The beach area is just starting to warm up. Down in the middle of Gwangali beach there is a new teahouse called Ogada or by its English name Korean Tea & Time. It is a great place to sit back and enjoy the seaview.

Tea House Obituaries.



Two teahouses in Someyeon (downtown Busan) have closed. Both are relatively new compared with the others. However both had their own unique character and it is sad to see them go.

PNUs Chabatgol Teahouse

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